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Why do you think the early peoples in the Americas migrated south?

i think that they migrated south because that was the only way that they had to get their food and also get clothing.

Why do you believe early people migrated south?

they migrated south because that was the only way that they had to get their food.

Why did the early peoples migrate south?

the early people migrated south because,they were folling the herds of animals.they needed the animals for food ..also because when the ice age was over everything was covered in water .

Why did early people in the Americas migrate south?

Early people in the Americas migrated south to follow the coast and make the best life using natural resources. This type of behavior facilitated the human population explosion. The warmer climates also offered more wildlife for food purposes.

Why do you think early people continued to migrate south throughout the Americas instead of settling in what is now Alaska?

No one actually knows for sure how or why the first people migrated. They could have just followed the mammoths. :) I got this answer from school :)

What is the Coastal crossing theory?

The aboriginal peoples first migrated to North America down into the south by technology, crossing the pacific ocean.

Which native American group migrated farthest south in the Americas?

The Incas of western South America may have split off from the original North American natives over thousands of years.

What were the laws that controls black peoples lives in the south in the early 1950s?

Joe in a half

Why do you think many early people continue to migrate south throughout the Americas instead of settling in what is now Alaska?

Because they think Americas will stop them.

What continent setteld by early Americans?

Early Americans, or Native Americans, migrated from East Asia to North America and then from here into South America, where their people flourished for thousands of years.

When did the Indians arive in north America?

The specifics of Indian migration to and throughout the Americas, including the exact dates, are subject to ongoing research and discussion. The current belief is that the early migrants moved into and through the Land Bridge between Russia and Alaska between 40,000 and 16,000 years ago. Many tribes settled in Canada, and many migrated south and settled in various parts of the United States. Many, yet still, migrated farther south and settled in parts of Mexico, as well as Central and South America.

What did the early people of north America learn from the peoples who settled in central and south America?

Climate,geography,and resources.

Where south Asians migrated from into England?

why south asians came to canada?

Why do people think the bantu migrated south?

Bantus started showing up randomly in the south, so everyone thought that they all migrated to the south. They didnt but Bantus were just stupid

Who lived in south America before christopher Columbus came to the Americas?

Columbus never got to the "Americas". He did land in islands in the Bahamas and never reached the American continent. Had he landed in South America or Mexico he may have found Incas and Mayans as well as many other Native American peoples.

South Americas favorite food?

South America's favourite food is Taco and Burrito while north Americas is pizza

When did the isthmus of Panama form?

During the Pliocene Epoch. When the Isthmus of Panama was formed, placental mammals from North America migrated South. The mammals that migrated south soon replaced most of the indigenous South American mammals.

Which continent are llamas from?

In North America. They then migrated to South America.

Why have south africans migrated to New Zealand?

Because they wanted to

Neolithic people of Sahara migrated to the south because?


What were the people who migrated south and east thruogh Africa?

The Bantu

When did the Egyptians discover chocolate?

Chocolate comes from the cacao tree, which is indigenous to the Americas. So the ancient peoples of Central and South America first discovered and used cocoa and chocolate, not the Egyptians.

Do tapirs migrate?

Tapirs do not migrate, although they have migrated in the past. It is thought that they used to live in the United States and migrated to South America.

Why would people have migrated to the south rather then north?

It is warmer in the South. The closer you get to the equator the warmer it is.

What climates that groups of hunters-gatherers confront?

Hunter-gatherers lived in all climates. This would include the Native people across the US who have migrated throughout the Americas from Alaska and Canada down to through South America.