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Why did families double up during the depression?

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I perceive that "double up" means grouping immediate and less immediate families into one household. In other words, in American society a family may consist of a husband/wife and children. when the children reach a certain age, IE after completion of higher education or 18 the children will establish their own home leaving the mother/father(partner/companion) and that household.

During the depression, lack of employment led to significant loss of income for many individuals and family members returned to the "original" home to save on mortgage/rent costs. Much like a renter/homeowner looking for a roommate or people who could not afford their own place.

This practice is still in existence to a degree in certain areas of the US where real estate costs are high. Growing up in Hawai'i, I know of several families who have more than one generation of family living in the same home due to housing costs. This was especially evident for non-caucasian citizens of Hawai'i who have strong family bonds.

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What did Americans have to face during the great depression?

look up depression. they had to deal with increasing amount of unemployment, less wages and trades, and less buyers. it impacted families who dependent on stock and demand, farmers, small corporations, and any and all transporters.

Shanty towns that sprang up during the Great Depression were popularly known as?

Shanty towns that sprang up during the great depression were popularly known as?Hoovervilles

What did the Australian government do to help the unemployed during the Great Depression?

The government set up camps during the Great Depression to help the unemployed.

Why did so many people end up homeless during the Great Depression?

So many people ended up homeless during the Great Depression becuause they lost there jobs and had no money.

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How did the great depression affect the balance of the family unit?

Some families were broken up for the lack of money, and the constant fighting for it.

How did the Great Depression effect families?

They began to eat poorly most got split up and their health got bad.

Why were families split up during the revolutionary war?

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How many children are in the schools during the Great Depression?

Schools held up to 50 kids. And as low as 20 kids. The schools were very small during the Great Depression.

How did movies affect people during Great Depression?

Many people were cheered up by movies during the Great Depression; movies served to take their minds off their problems.

Why did people need to be cheered up during the Great Depression?

becuase your fat

What was life like for women during the great depression?

Women were forced by the economic crisis to leave the comfort of their homes to take up jobs to help their families. Even though it was tough, this gave them the opportunity to gain a place in society. Some men were too self absorbed with the image and left their families and not except that women were moving up the ladder of society.

How many families spilt up during the war years of World War II?

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What happened to the Adults during the great depression?

they gave up there homes farms and children

What happened to food prices during the Great Depression?

The food prices during the Great Depression went down and not up. However, most people were unemployed and could not afford the basic necessities.

Why were movies so popular during the Depression?

The Great Depression was a hard time for people, they needed something that would cheer them up and have something to laugh about

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Are people required to pay bills during a depression?

Yes. Many people during the depression of the 1930s went broke because they had to pay off their bills no matter what, and many of them ended up with no home or not much of one, because they couldn't afford it. Depression or not, debt is still debt.

Which luxury did people refuse to give up during the great depression?

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What were the shantytowns called that sprung up thorugh out the US during the great depression?

Hoovervilles. -You're welcome. (:

What happened as a result of the Great Depression?

Many people lost there jobs and homes. Also many families had to split up so they could take care of themselves.

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What were Bread Lines?

Bread lines were where people lined up to get government-supplied food during the Great Depression.

Who made up the Bonus Army?

During the Depression ww1 veterans marched on Washington to demand their bonuses to be paid.