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He came to California because he wanted to build some missions

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Q: Why did father serra come to California?
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Related questions

Who sent father Serra to California?

spain sent Father Serra to california

Why did Father Junipero Serra come to California?

he came because he wanted to build some missions

When did father serra come to California?

tell me the anwser so he could build missions

Who is the father of the California missions?

Blessed Junipero Serra is the father of California missions.

Did Father Junipero Serra found the California missions?

Yes father Junipero Serra founed the California missions but he only founed nine missions

Who were father serra and father lasuen?

founders of the California missions

Who was the founder of Spanish California?

Father Serra

Who founded Spanish California?

Father Serra. :]

Where did Father Serra start California's second mission?

Atla California

How did the missionaries get to California?

Father junipero Serra built them on California's coasts

What country was Father Serra in?

Father Serra, or Junípero Serra, was a Franciscan friar of the 1700s. Father Serra lived in different countries throughout his 70-year-old life. Serra was born in the town of Petra on the Mediterranean island of Majorca. Majorca is Spain's largest island. Therefore, as of his birth year of 1713, Father Serra was in Spain. He remained here until 1749, when Serra traveled to North America and taught at Mexico City. So Father Serra also has been to Mexico. He remained here until 1768, when he visited Baja California. From here he embarked on a journey to the California of the United States. Serra jumped between the U.S. and Mexico until his death in 1784, in Carmel, California. Overall, the countries that Father Serra was in are Spain, Mexico and the United States of America.

Who was the founder of the California missions?

Father Junipero Serra

Founder of the California missions?

Father Junipero Serra

What did Father Serra do as a priest?

To help indans in california

Why did father serra travel to California?

Because he wanted to

Why was father Serra called the father of the California missions?

He created the missions in Califorina

What did Father Serra do in life?

He built 9 missions in California.

Why was father Serra sent to establish mission in California?


Is Father Serra is a famous person in California history?


When did Father Serra die?

He died on August 28, 1784, of tuberculosis at Mission San Carlos, California.

Why is father Serra's statue is in San Francisco golden gate park and in nation's capitol building?

Father Serra was the founder of all the Catholic Missions in California

Where did father junipero serra live?

Father Junipero Serra lived in Spain, but traveled to California to create Missions. He lived either in or near by the most recently Mission that he had created.

Who continued father serra's work as father presidente of the mission chain?

Father Padre Fermín de Francisco Lasuén de Arasqueta was a Spanish missionary to Alta California, who continued the work of Father Junipero Serra. Father Lasuen was the second presidente and founder of the California Franciscan Mission Chain.

Who was the priest that started many missions in California?

Father Junipero Serra.

Who were the early explorers of California?

fur trappers father serra and my head