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because they suck

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Why did few people from the Netherlands settle in New Netherlands?

They didn't settle there because they had everything they needed in the Netherlands like wealth.

Why did people of many faiths settle in new netherland?

Because the leaders of new netherland allowed people the freedom to practice their own religion.

Why did people from Netherlands not settle in New Netherlands?

People from THE Netherlands did settle in New Netherlands, but they felt more at home in the Netherlands because its just such an awesome country. And they went bankrupt.

How did the Dutch encourage people to settle in the New Netherland?

Promote large scale agriculture

What country of orgin is New Netherland?

The Netherlands.

Which country founded the colony of New Netherland?

The Netherlands.

What country controlled new netherland?

The netherlands i think

Which european nation controlled new Netherlands?

New Netherland was controlled by the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands (now: the Netherlands).

Why did people settle in new Netherlands?

they settled ther because i told them come on over and settle

Why did the English view new Netherlands as a threat?

New netherland threat to England

How did the dutch encourage people to settle in new netherland?

They offered free land to anyone who could find 50 settlers.

What was the New Netherland a royal colony?

People from the Netherlands (Holland) settled in the area that is now New York City. It was originally called New Amsterdam.

Henry Hudson claimed the New Netherland for the?

The Dutch That's where Netherlands is

How did the English acquire New Netherlands?

They threatened and tried to drive Dutch out of New Netherland

Who founded the settlement of new netherland?

Peter Minuit , in 1624, established New Netherlands.

Why did the Dutch encourage people to settle in new Netherlands?

promote large scale agriculture

What company claimed the area that became known as New Netherland?

The Dutch of the Netherlands.

Why did settlers go to New Netherlands?

Because the Netherland had good farming soil.

Why did people settle in colonial New York?

In 1664, James, the Duke of York, received control of New Netherland. The name of the colony was changed to New York in honor of the Duke.

Did New Jersey used to be a part of New Netherland?

New Jersey was part of new netherlands and owned by dutch in 1624.

Who became the proprietor of new netherland?

The proprietor of New Netherlands was the Dutch West India Company in 1624.

Who became governor of New Netherland in 1647?

Peter Stuyvesant became governor of New Netherlands in 1647.

What is the difference between new netherland and new Amsterdam?

New Netherland was found by the Dutch and it was governed by Peter Stuyvesant. It relied on fur trading for money and the people made peace with the Native Americans. But they would attack some people. New Amsterdam was settle in the Americas somewhere. I just don't know anything else on New Amsterdam.

What made New York more successful than New Netherland?

New York IS (was) New Netherland. The Dutch were the first Europeans to settle the New York area. When they settled the area that is now New York City, they named it "New Amsterdam." They named the surrounding area, "New Netherland." New Netherland included land in what is now New York State, New Jersey, Connecticut and Delaware. New Amsterdam (now New York City) was the capital of the the greater province of New Netherland.

Who were the first Europeans to control the colony that later became New York?

Around 1609, the Dutch (colonists from the Netherlands) were the first to settle the New York region, which they called "New Netherland." The city of New Amsterdam became New York when it was taken over by the British in 1667.

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