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What evidence from the Civil War would prove that blacks would make good soldiers?

Every race has members that make great soldiers. However, during the Civil War, the reason why blacks made good soldiers was because they were defending a cause that directly affected them. The Second Battle of Fort Wagner showed that they had the confidence and courage to charge at an armed fort, despite overwhelming losses.

When did the soldiers of World War 1 think the war would be over?

The soldiers of WWI thought the war would be over by christmas.

How did hamilton think that federal payment of state debts would influence the states?

Hamilton thought that it would give the states a strong interest in the success of the national government.

Is there more blacks than whites in the US?

I would think whites, but I'm not positive.

Is the word blacks capitalized?

No, blacks would not be capitalized.

Why did Hamilton think it was important to pay the national debt?

Hamilton believed paying the national debt would strengthen federal government. It would make America attractive to foreign creditors as well.

How do Icelanders feel about blacks?

I think the population is about 98% white, but if anyone there had any issues with blacks they would most likely keep it to themselves. Racism isn't tolerated in Iceland.

How were african americans in the union army treated?

With some contempt, until white soldiers realized that the recruitment of blacks into the ranks would speed their own promotion.

How did Hamilton think that federal payment of state debts would influence the state?

by making a bank

What were the effects of the union accepting African Americans as soldiers?

Victory would be gained. The rivals that had blacks on their army would mean two hands instead of one. (They have more men fighting alongside them.)

What do mormans think of blacks in high positions?

Mormans have the same thoughts of blacks in high positions as they would any other race of people. The"curse of Ham" went away in the '70s.

Why is it that everyone who was black or for the blacks like Kennedy were killed?

People who were black or for the blacks were killed because some racist people did not think blacks deserved anything because of their color. If any one stood up for blacks, the racist people, like the Klu Klux Klan, would think them just as low as the blacks. They probably thought blacks were nothing but servants or laborers. Oh, and not everyone was killed, just most people. Rosa Parks wasn't killes, but Martin Luther and Kenney were.

Who does Hamilton Holt like in The 39 Clues series?

I think Hamilton Holt likes Amy. He has to, I mean he is always helping Amy and Dan. He even saved her life! I really hope Hamilton likes Amy. I really wish that Amy and Hamilton could be a couple! They would have been cute together!

He started a school for blacks that would enable them to be trained in a trade?

he stared a school for blacks

Why did king think it was so important that civil rights supporters not resort to violence?

it would just keep bringing the whites after the blacks

Would there be slavery for the blacks if the black people wouldn't stand up for themselves?

I don't know but i think there would be alot of slavery if African American didnt help!

How much soldiers were in a Roman legion?

At full strength a Roman legion would have 5,000 soldiers.At full strength a Roman legion would have 5,000 soldiers.At full strength a Roman legion would have 5,000 soldiers.At full strength a Roman legion would have 5,000 soldiers.At full strength a Roman legion would have 5,000 soldiers.At full strength a Roman legion would have 5,000 soldiers.At full strength a Roman legion would have 5,000 soldiers.At full strength a Roman legion would have 5,000 soldiers.At full strength a Roman legion would have 5,000 soldiers.

Why did martin Luther king jr get his own day?

i think that Dr. king was a brilliant man and he deserved to get his own holiday. he has helped blacks throughout the world. today blacks would still be separated and it would be even worse not only would we have the the KKK but also because things have improved we would have bombs and guns and everything

Why blacks join the army when the Civil war started?

The Emancipation Proclamation also announced Lincoln's decision to use black troops in the Union Army, though many whites believed that blacks would make poor soldiers. The reason blacks joined the Union Army, was to fight for the freedom of those in the South that were still slaves. Also, these men felt an obligation to serve their new country, in which they would eventually be recognized as legal citizens.

What is foxhole syndrome?

This comes from soldiers in war zones who began to think that they were completely safe as long as they stayed in their foxhole. The soldiers knew that many of them would die, just not themselves.

Why Civil War soldiers deserve to be remembered and honored?

Because you have the Yankee Soldiers which didn't like the fact of having slaves, then you have the Confederate Soldiers which are the ones that likes the fact of having slaves. You have to think about it which part of the soldiers would you prefer Yankeesor the Confederate. Me i would go with the Yankee side they are the ones that fought for slavery while the Confederate did what they do best going along with slavery; so to answer the question I think that the Yankee soldiers should be remembered and honored because they are the ones that really helped the most.

Why was Charles Hamilton Houston known as the man who killed Jim Crow?

Charles Hamilton set the path for the destruction of Jim Crow. He was a distinguished lawyer that created a plan to end the separation of blacks and whites in the segregated south. Hamilton started first with small cases and decided that if "we" started with education, e.i. Brown v. Education, it would start the to lay a precedent for a great Civil Rights Movement!

Why do you think NAACP attorneys chose graduate school as their first line of attack on the doctrine of separate but equal?

Because this was the highest level of education for blacks. if they had more professional people graduating with degrees there would be more blacks available to serve and defend other blacks seeing that the whites often time didnt.

What if America had no slavery?

there would be no blacks in america

How do people with bipolar disorders dress?

depends if they are in a manic state or depressive state. I would think depressives would dress in blacks and greys, where as manics may prefer bright colours