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Why did he dump me after mentally abusing me for the past 2 years I wasn't happy but felt too weak to get out yet he just dumped me saying he couldn't be the person he really was?

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2007-06-26 08:46:01

Mental or physical abusers are the way they are and he has no

'was'. In other words he isn't the person he really was (if he was

truly anything, but a mental abuser) because if he realized he had

problems he should have gotten counseling for it a long time ago.

He'll continue on with behavior no matter what girl he goes with.

On the other hand sometimes when two people stay in a relationship

and they just don't get along he may have stayed trying to work

things out, but all it ended up being was him becoming frustrated,

falling out of love, wanting to be free and so he left. All of us

can slip up and say things we don't mean to people whether we love

them or not and it's out of frustration more than anything. He may

have been abusive so YOU would have left HIM which would have made

things easier on him instead of being a man, sitting down with you

and simply telling you he wanted out of the relationship. Hon, you

need some counseling and you need to know you are self sufficient,

independent and in control if you so choose and that when a woman

learns she doesn't always need to rely on a man then her

relationships with men are more productive. I wish you good


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