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Mental or physical abusers are the way they are and he has no 'was'. In other words he isn't the person he really was (if he was truly anything, but a mental abuser) because if he realized he had problems he should have gotten counseling for it a long time ago. He'll continue on with behavior no matter what girl he goes with. On the other hand sometimes when two people stay in a relationship and they just don't get along he may have stayed trying to work things out, but all it ended up being was him becoming frustrated, falling out of love, wanting to be free and so he left. All of us can slip up and say things we don't mean to people whether we love them or not and it's out of frustration more than anything. He may have been abusive so YOU would have left HIM which would have made things easier on him instead of being a man, sitting down with you and simply telling you he wanted out of the relationship. Hon, you need some counseling and you need to know you are self sufficient, independent and in control if you so choose and that when a woman learns she doesn't always need to rely on a man then her relationships with men are more productive. I wish you good luck.

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What is a punck?

A punck is a person tht gets dumped by the other person so DONT GET DUMPED

Can a non mentally challenged person divorce a mentally challenged mate?

Yes, a person who is not mentally challenged can divorce a person who is mentally challenged would have to be proven they are mentally challenged), but they would have to let the courts decide in the provisions of the divorce what you would pay to help sustain the lifestyle of the mentally challenged person.

Is a autistic person mentally ill?

A autistic person is mentally ill yes.

Is there a law against abusing your spouse?

there is a law against abusing any living person or creature

If your parents are abusing you physically or mentally are always making you look like the bad person and always punishing you for something you didn't do what should you do?

If you parents are hurting you physically you should talk to a teacher or other trusted adult about it, if there hurting you mentally try talking to a school counsellor. Hope things get better!

How does a person become mentally retarded?

mentally retarded person causes are epilepsy ,infection ,heredity,

What words mean a mentally confused person?

mentally disabled

What is moments by one direction really about?

Basically, it's about someone getting dumped and falling apart, because that person that dumped him/her was his/her reason to be. (Your typical 'being dumped by the person you can't live without'- song)

Why is a mentally retarded person handicapped?

"Handicapped" is a term that defines a restriction in a person ability to function physically, mentally, or socially. So a person that is mentally retarded or "MR" falls into this category for lack of being able to fully function mentally.

Can a person turn gay mentally?

No. A person cannot turn gay mentally. This isn't even a thing.

Can a mentally retarded person sign for a credit card?

No. A diagnosed mentally retarded person lacks the legal capacity to sign a contract.No. A diagnosed mentally retarded person lacks the legal capacity to sign a contract.No. A diagnosed mentally retarded person lacks the legal capacity to sign a contract.No. A diagnosed mentally retarded person lacks the legal capacity to sign a contract.

How does a mentally incompetent person prepare a Last Will and Testament?

If a person is mentally incompetent, then they can't unless they have a lawyer to help them

What is the definition of a mentally healthy person?

The definition of a mentally healthy person would include the capacity to have abstract thought and the capacity to deal with emotions effectively. A mentally healthy person would have a strong sense of themselves.

How does animal abuse affect the person abusing them?

they go to jail

Who is the dumpest?

the person who dumped the other person when they are in the relation ship the dumpy is the person who got dump

What adjectives describe a person abusing authority?

those who normally abuse their authority is because they once was abused and harrassed badly when they were young. however there are people who just do it for the joy of it, and these types of people are deffianitly sick mentally and needs to be tripple checked

What is mentally healthy?

A person does not have any mental conditions, such as depression or schizophrenia. A mentally healthy person will also think clearly and rational.

How should competency be determined for a mentally ill person facing trial?

How should competency be determined for a mentally ill person facing trial?

What is the cure to the person who is physically and mentally fit?

If they are physically and mentally fit then there is nothing that needs to be cured.

What is the highest dose of Oxcodone a person can buy?

You shouldn't be abusing/selling it.

Can the person abusing an elderly go to jail?

A person who abuses an elder person who has no control and can not defend themselves is of low character and yes, if there are marks on the victim and the abuse has been reported to police the abuser can and should go to jail

What is a mentally challenged person?

a deaf and dumb

What is the difference between a mentally insane person and a psychotic person?

A psychotic person has lost track of reality. A mentally ill person may have a range of disorders that do not necessarily involve losing track of reality.

How do you prove a mother is mentally ill?

The only way to prove to others that anyone is mentally ill is to have that person examined by qualified medical people. Sometimes they will confirm your belief that the person is mentally ill, but sometimes they will tell you that you are wrong.

How will you describe a mentally healthy person?

Technically a mentally health person is a person who is able to function on a high level. For example, is able to look after themselves on a day-to-day basis. However, mentally healthy people can still get mental diseases such as depression, where they can function well.