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Why did hittler kill so many jews?

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Hitler killed Jews because he did not like them. If you were not like him, he wanted to kill you. Hitler was a very evil person.

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Why did hittler make the Jews wear the star of David?

so that they could be identified by sight.

Why did hittler kill da Jews?

Hitler thought that the Jews were the reasons that Germany was having problems, so his solution was to discriminate the Jews. Clearly though, the Nazis were wrong and luckily the Jew population didn't die out. The holocaust was a very terrible event.

Why did adolf hittler like blue eyes and blonde hair when he didnt have blue eyes and blonde hair?

hittler didn`t like Jews because he wanted to be a artist and the Jews didn`t think that he hed what it took and so he wanted to have a perfect race of blonde hair and blue eyes and no Jews what so ever.

Why did hittler kill Jews?

To solve the so called "refugee problem" where the people Hitler alienated or brutalized would need to be fed or sent over German borders and wage disruptive actives against Hitler's Nazis.

Why did the Germans Soldiers want to kill the Jews?

It was not so much that they wanted to kill Jews, it was more that they were ordered to.

How did Hitler kill so many Jews?

he used concentration camps and gas chambers

Why did Hitler kill so many Jewish people?

he killed so many because an great depression happened an he blamed it on the Jews

Why did Adolf Hitler kill so many Jews?

Adolf Hitler hated the Jews because when he was part of World War 1, he thinks that the Jews were the ones that made them lose the war.

Why did the Nazis kill off so many Jews at the end?

they knew they were losing the war so they maximised the damage before their surrender

Why did the Jews hide?

Because the Germans were after the Jews and they wanted to kill them all. so they tried to hide.

Why were Jews afraid of Nazis?

Because the Nazis blamed the world's problems on the Jews and so their goal was to kill all of the Jews.

What made Hitler kill?

There was problems in Germany so he blamed the Jews and that is what made Hitler kill.

Why did hiler kill the Jews?

Hmmm.... Jews like to oppress people so Hitler launch war on them.

Why did hitler kill not only jews but his own people?

Hitler did not only kill Jews but his own people so as to show powerful he is. He used different forms of propaganda so as to cause deaths of innocent people with the majority being Jews.

Did Joseph Stalin kill to get rid of Jews?

Stalin was probably not out to eliminate the Jews as a race of people the way Hitler wanted to do. But Stalin still wanted to get rid of as many Jews as possible and tried his best to do so..

Is hittler a girl?

"Hittler" could refer to many people as it is a German last name. If you are referring to Adolf Hitler, you'll have to change your stance to "was" as opposed to "is" as Hitler is dead. Adolf Hitler was a male dictator, so in that regard, no.

Why did Hitler have all Jews together?

so it was easy to kill them all

Why did the Jews pay taxes to the Romans?

So the Romans wouldn't kill them.

Why did the Nazi introduce the final solution?

Because they found that they had already killed so many Jews, they had the infrastructure in place to kill as many as they could gather.

Why did Hitler wanted to kill off all the Jews knowing some of his relatives are Jews?

He had to blame Germany's decline on someone, so he blamed the Jews.

Why did death camps start?

Death camps were used because it was a quicker way to kill so many people aka the jews.

What did adolf hittler do to be so mean?

He sent 15 Million people to their deaths.

Why was the Egyptian mistreating a Hebrew that Moses kill?

The Jews were slaves in Egypt, so they did as they pleased.

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