Articles of Confederation

Why did it become necessary to change the government during the articles of confederation?


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Although the Articles of Confederation were what colonist wanted, they were ineffective. No taxes were collected and the country was open to attack because there was no central government.

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The Articles of Confederation were ratified and became effective on March 1st, 1781. It became the first plan of government

That the government would become like the one in Britain.

exposed fundamental weaknesses in government under the Articles of Confederation

One does not exist, as the 1781 Articles of Confederation were never repealed. They were superceded by the states' ratification of the US Constitution in 1788 (which clearly stipulated that, upon ratification, it would become the legal basis for the government).

The Articles created a league of free and independent states with a limited national government. In 1776, they represented the first agreement among the separate colonies to become a union of states.

They became effective and no more states in charge!!

It had become obvious that The Articles of Confederation had failed.

The Articles of Confederation were adopted by Congress on November 15, 1777. They were in effect for less than a decade as the current Constitution was ratified on March 4, 1789.

under the articles of confederation 13 british colonies formed a national government. That's not to say that there weren't other colonies in existence or being formed.. just that they were not part of the confederation.

The US Constitution created a strong central federal government as opposed to the state-centered Articles of Confederation. The new government would have powers of taxation, printing money, treaties, a standing military, and regulation of interstate commerce. It would become the law of the land and supersede any conflicting state laws.

They had no Federal Government which runs the whole system. So when they decided to become Soverign states they lost a lot of supplies made from the noth which was the manufacturing part of the country.

they weren't successful because they,the Articles of Confederation attempted to create a nation that was a bit like what Europe has become a group of essentially independent nations joined together for defense.For

The constitutional convention was actually only supposed to fix the Articles of Confederation, the actual first government of the United states. The Articles of Confederation was weak. The new constitution was becoming strong. Anti-federalists were afraid that the goverment would become to controlling like Englands was at the time.

The United States of America was formed during the Second Continental Congress, and this body drafted the Articles of Confederation in 1777 and was in charge during the Revolutionary War. The Articles of Confederation proved unworkable in practice, so the Congress convened a new committee with representatives of all the states to revise it. Instead, the committee wrote the Constitution, which created a vastly more powerful Federal government.

There wasn't. James madison, and our founding fathers had invented the Articles of Confederation, because they thought it would help win wars, but was thrown away, because it later become work, and it was completly useless for our founding fathers.

The Articles of Confederation were a loose government sort of plan that was made after the Revouloutionary War. They gave the states most of the power because the states were scared of having a national government because they thought it would become another monarchy. Also, some say it was also something to show the world they the U.S wasn't weak and just waiting to be taken over by Britain or any one else; we had a government, therefore we could govern ourselves

The Articles of Confederation were voted on and passed on March 1, 1781 by the Continental Congress. The Articles were liked by the people because they ensured that none of the new States could become more powerful than another. The idea behind the Articles was that every state would retain its sovereignty within the new United States.

The Articles of Confederation were designed with the fear that a strong central government would become autoritarian and dictatorial like they perceived the English monarchy to be. That's why they didn't give it tax collecting powers nor a standing army, instead it depended on the states for revenue and protection.

The Articles of Confederation attempted to create a nation that was a bit like what Europe has become - a group of essentially independent nations joined together for defense. For it to be successful would have required far more cooperation than the states were willing to give.

To join to fight the British. So they had to become one, if they wanted freedom.

Similarities of Articles & ConstitutionWhile it soon became obvious that the government under the Articles of Confederation was not equiped to governed the new nation, there were, on paper at least, some similarities in powers granted to the government under the Articles and the Constitution. This is not to say that the government under the Articles was able to make use of all these powers, as there were too many weaknesses present in the Confederation form of government. The similarities included: Congress did have the legislative (lawmaking) power under both governments.The federal government could send and receive ambassadors.The governments were empowered to negotiate treaties with other nations.Both could raise and equip an army and navy (getting the money for it was another matter)Both regulated Indian affairs.Either could establish a post office.They governed the territories.The Articles set up departments that would become the cabinet under the Constitution.Both gave "full faith and credit" to the legal acts of the other states and could ensure that citizens from all states were treated equally.

The Framers wrote the Constitution because they were thoroughly displeased with the system of government established by the Articles of Confederation, which as the name implies was theoretically a federation of independent states. They wanted to radically change the government and thus they did not use the Articles of Confederation as a starting point. In addition, the terms of the Constitution's ratification were different than those of the Confederation: for it to come into effect, only 9 states had to ratify for the Constitution. Since it can be argued that ultimately all the states eventually ratified the Constitution, this was apparentlly a legitimate amending of the Articles of the Confederation under the rules of the Articles. If 9-12 states approved, the Constitution would still come into effect in violation of the Articles rules forbidding any other alliance between states. One of the reasons for this is that if 9 or more states formed their own alliance, the other states would become fully independent and lose the trade and defense benefits of the Confederation, and this put additional pressure on the last ratifying states.

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