Why did japan expand into Asia before world war two?


Japan has long believed in making itself a powerful "Relentemenary State" a.k.a. an Emirial Estation or Empire; which caused the Japanese to want to change it's government into an empire. This went against what the League of Nations agreed upon, so they left the LoN in 1932. Eventually since nothing bad happened to the Japanese, the totalitarian governments of the Italian Peninsula (ran by the Prime Minister, Mussolini) and Germany (ran by the psych-o Hitler) decided they would expand their borders. Italy had already planned this since they were over crouded, and Germany wanted to reclaim their land which was lost by the Treaty of Versilles after World War 1. Seeing that Italy, Germany, and Japan all had the same goals they joined to become the Axis Powers Pre World War 2. Also the Japanese tried to claim various countries during World War 2.