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Mary&Joseph travelled on a donkey to Bethlehem because everyone had to go back to there home-town.

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In the Christmas story why did Joseph and Mary go to Bethleham?

In the Christmas story , Mary and Joseph went to Bethleham to register themselves according to the decree.

Where did The Virgin Mary have Jesus?

Inside a barn in Bethleham.

Who told josesh and Mary to go to bethleham?

It was the Roman decree that told them to go there.

Who is Jesus Christ and where did he come from?

Jesus was born in Bethleham to Mary. His father was the Lord God.

Who visited joesph and told him to marry Mary?

It was the angel that visited Joseph.

What is the name of a famous saint?

peter, Mary, paul, christopher, joesph, john, Michael

Who did Mary and joesph present Jesus to In the temple?

It was the Jewish custom to take the child to the temple.

Was Mary married when she had Jesus?

No she wasn't Joesph was going to leave Mary but an angel said stay and marry her before Jesus is born.

In the bible story about they first Christmas why did Mary and Joseph go to the Bethlehem?

In the bible story both Joseph and Mary went to Bethleham to register themselves according to the decree by emperror Augustus.

Where did Mary and Joesph go to register?

Mary and Joseph went to Bethlehem to register because Joseph traced his lineage back to people from that city.

Joesph was the husband of Mary and what relation to Jesus?

Jesus is Joseph's Son. An angel appeared to Mary and Joseph in a dream and said that they will have a child. They were to name Him Jesus.

How old were Jesus' parents Mary and Joseph?

When Jesus was born Mary was about 14 and Joesph was about 16-20 Years old.Hope it helped!

Your husband thinks he is joesph in the bible and you are Mary Jesus mother he even calls me Mary what is his problem?

Maybe he feels very strongly about the Mary and Joseph, or he may just be mentally ill.

Who is Joesph?

god dad and Mary husband the angle told her that she was going to be having a baby and she named it baby Jesus

Where is Eric bishop?

in the temble of bethleham

Who was in the stable with Jesus?

Mary Joesph shepherds farm animals and an angel and god of coarse was with them, and later the wise men arrived

What did joesph lister do?

whatwas joesph listers job

How many times Jesus traveled from Nazareth to bethleham?

The only record that I can see of this in Scripture is when he was still in his mother's womb, and Mary and Joseph went down from Nazareth to Bethlehem to be taxed.

Why did Mary and Joesph go to Bethlehem?

Caesar Agustus issued an order for everyone to go to their hometown and be taxed. It was also part of a census.

Who was there at Jesus' birth?

The three wise men. Mary, and Joesph were all there. And if you want to be more specific then yes lambs were their too!

How old was joesph the mother of jesus when they got married?

Here Joseph was the mane of Jesus earthly father , and not his mother . The mothername was Mary.

Who were Robert Kennedy's children?

Robert Kennedy had 11 children at the time of his death. His children were Kathleen, Joesph, Robert, David, Mary, Michael, Mary Kerry, Christopher, Matthew, Douglas, and Rory.

Why was Mary going to Bethlehem when Jesus was born?

They were called in a census commanded by Rome to return to the city of their fathers to be counted and since both she and Joseph were of the house of David, the had to return to his hometown which was Bethleham

What are the other chridtan names?

if you mean christian names there are mary joesph mark luke john rachael ham noah zachari moses

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