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Allah knows better but maybe because it is arround the mid of the earth.

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All from Asia. Christianity, Islam, and Judaism came from the middle east and Buddhism came from Nepal.

Judaism came before Christianity and Islam. Christianity and Islam came from Judaism.Judaism is about 1300 BCE.Christianity was founded in 33 CE.Islam was founded in 622 CE.

Islam did not originate in India. Christianity did not. Judaism did not. Baha'i did not. Zoroastrianism did not.

See these particular questions:Where was Judaism founded?Where was Christianity founded?Where was Islam founded?

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam (oldest to youngest). Islam, Judaism, & Christianity (largest to smallest).

The Middle East. Judaism and Christianity began in Israel. Islam began in Saudi Arabia.

Islam, Christianity, and Judaism

Islam, Judaism and christianity

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

A:Islam and Christianity are derivatives of Judaism.

Islam --> Christianity --> Judaism.

All of those religions had their founding in the Middle East. Judaism was developed in Israel and Babylon, Christianity was developed in Israel and Anatolia, and Islam was developed in Arabia.

Judaism Christianity and Islam all are...Monotheistic Religions.

Christianity and Islam borrowed heavily from Judaism.

Yes, for Islam originated in the Middle East, along with Judaism and Christianity.

Judaism, Christianity and Islam all began in the Middle east

Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and the Baha'i Faith

That would be Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

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