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Many Jews came to Palestine from Europe, trying to escape the Nazi Holocaust. They also came with the dream that they could build their own lives and a country where they would not be subject to discrimination again.


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The Jews were not in Palestine during World War I. The UN decided to create an Jewish country after World War II and the Holocaust.

The Jews migrated to Palestine after World War 2.

Nobody put the Jews in Palestine. They chose to go there. Historically it was their homeland and they returned in fulfillment of their dream to return.

Some of the Jews who survived the Holocaust moved to British Mandate Palestine after World War 2. The U.N. later voted to give the Jews a homeland in Palestine. mainly just palestine!

The British limited Jewish immigration to Palestine in exchange for Arab oil resources.

The Exile of Jews from palestine is known as the Diaspora

Because Palestine keeps attacking the Jews.

The main exile of Jews from Palestine came in 70 CE. However, there was always a minority of Jews in Palestine until 1950 when they became the majority.

No. For most of the last 2,000 years, the Jews in Palestine were a repressed minority (or on occasion a repressed majority). Probably the most bloody period for Jews in Palestine was during the Crusades when Christian leaders slaughtered numerous Jews, especially in Jerusalem. However, Jews suffered other calamities in Palestine, such as the destruction of both Great Temples and the exile of significant portions of the Jewish population.

The British limited Jewish immigration to Palestine in exchange for Arab oil resources

The British limited Jewish immigration to Palestine in exchange for Arab oil resources.

Nope. Many Jews live in Israel (what used to be called Palestine).

the British limited Jewish immigration to Palestine in exchange for Arab oil resources-apex

No single event, Jews had wished to return to their ancestral lands to rejoin the Jews remaining there since the Roman expulsion.

Answer 1There were about 806,000 Jews in Palestine in May 1948. About 483,000 Jews had immigrated to Palestine between 1919 and 1948.Answer 2Benny Morris, in his book, 1948, indicates there were only about 620,000 Jews at the beginning of 1948, under the British Mandate. He also indicates that there were less than 110,000 Jews in 1919. This suggests that over 500,000 Jews had immigrated to Palestine before the war in May 1948.In May 1948, about 1,250,000 Arabs lived in British Mandate Palestine. 670,000 Arabs fled the new state of Israel and slightly less than 65,000 were ever able to return to their homes.

Jews migrated to Israel after WWII as it was their ancestral homeland, and the events of WWII had shown that Jews were not welcome in Europe. Jews had been migrating to what was then the British Mandate of Palestine (after WWI) for years before WWII, however, and "Palestine" had always had Jews living there.

Jews first arrived in Palestine over 3000 years ago. They were, for the most part, forcibly expelled in the first century CE and began to return in large numbers in the late 1800s to the present day. Jews may not have been the majority population in Palestine between 70 CE and 1950 CE, but there was always a Jewish presence in the land.

Jewish immigration to Palestine increased significantly, causing Arabs to worry about losing their land.

Many tried to return to their home countries, but in Poland many Jews were murdered after the Holocaust. Others went to Palestine/Israel, the U.S., Canada.

ISRAEL is a modern state that was created in 1948 by Jews in Palestine.

during the world war2 Britain needed help defeating the Nazis so they turned to the Jews in Europe promising them with an independent land of their own in case they agreed to fight for them and they did. Since palestine was allready occupied by Britain and Jerusalem is where Jews used to live 2000 years ago Britain decided to end its occupation there leaving it to the Jews to be the new occupiers however the british occupation was only military unlike the Jews where they turned it into a homeland so that's where the U.N. resolution of deviding palestine came from

There was no Israel during the holocaust. The holocaust occurred during World War II. Israel was not founded until after the war was over. ___ In the Middle East the German army did not reach Cairo or the Suez Canal and so do not enter the territory of the city of Palestine. _____ Hitler made an agreement with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem in which he agreed to do what he could to prevent Jews getting into Palestine.

They call it the illegally occupied part of Palestine stolen by the Jewsby force and dirty tricks during the Nakba, or simply "Palestine".

The Balfour Declaration promised the Jews a homeland in Palestine subject to the rights of the Palestinians.

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