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He tolerated them as long as they were subservient to Muslims and paid a tax for protection (jizya)

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Q: Why did mohammed tolerate Jews and christians?
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What did Mohammed call Jews and Christians and why?

Mohammed called Jews and Christians "People of the Book" since they had previous Divine Religious Testaments.

How do Muslims tolerate Jews and Christians?

Currently Christians & Jews are severely persecuted in the Middle East by fundamentalist Muslims.

Do Christians reject Jews?

No, Christians do not reject Jews. However, Jews reject Christians.

Is mohammed for Christians?

No he is a Muslim prophet.

Do Muslims generally persecute or tolerate Christians and Jews?

Muslims are known through times to be the most open and tolerant religion. During the persecution of Jews by Christians at med evil times. Jews only sanctuary was amongst Muslims in Islamic nations. That is one of the reasons that there are so many "Arab Jews" in the world.

Is Jews christans?

No. The first Christians were Jews, but Jews were never Christians.

What is the importance of the Dome of the Rock for Jews Christians and Muslims?

Judaism and ChristianityThe Dome of the Rock has no importance to either Jews or Christians. The only connection it has to Jews or Christians is the fact that it is built on the site of the Ancient Jewish Temple in Jerusalem.IslamIt is a Muslim holy site. The Dome of the Rock is a shrine to the place where Mohammed ascended to heaven and consulted with the previous Prophets of Islam.

What are some of the things Jews did to Christians?

Jews like Paul persecuted the christians.

How can differences between Christians and Jews be resolved?

Jews have no issue with Christians. Some Christians, however, hold outdated religion-based prejudices about Jews.

Why Muslim keep beard on their faces?

It is the sunnat of Prophet Mohammed PBUH. not only Muslims do, but also Jews and Christians, it is also a sign of virility and honorship in many societies.

What makes Christians different from Jews?

Christians believe Jesus is the messiah, Jews don't.

What is difference between Jews and Christians?

Christians believe that the Messiah Has Come. Jews believe that He Has not.

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