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because no one wanted people to know that he and the rest of the franks, and the Van Daans were in hiding. so people just said they were in Switzerland.

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Mr. Dussel was part of DIARY OF ANNE FRANK. He was a new man who went to a hiding apartment with Mr. Frank,MR. Van Daan, and the rest of the family.

Friedrich "Fritz" Pfeffer his pseudonym given by Anne herself was Albert Dussel

Albert Dussel was a dentist before he went into hiding.

After the war, otto moved to switzerland and got remarried to Elfriede Markovits. He then went and published annes diary. after that, he went to the opening of the anne frank house/museum in amsterdam.he later died in balem, switzerland.

Mr. Dussel and ___________

Anne Frank went into hiding with her sister Margot and here parents. Mr. and Mrs. Van dann and there son peter. and this guy named Mr. Dussel

When Mary Shelley went to Switzerland she did not think of Frankenstein. This was one hat was written about.

Anne Frank went to Bregen-Belsen March 1945, Margot Frank went to Bregon-Belsen March 1945, Edith Frank went to Auschwitz-Birkenau January 1945, Otto Frank went to Auschwitz and he survived he died 1980 The other familys Hermann Daan- Auschwitz November 1944 Petronella Daan- died transit to Theresienstadi April !945 Peter Daan- Mauthaussen May 1945 Albert Dussel- Neuengamme Deacember 1944

Charlotta Koletta was the girlfriend of Secret Annex resident, the dentist Dr. Dussel. The pair had fled Germany some years earlier. Although they presented themselves as a married couple, they were not. Charlotta was a Christian, and the laws forbade her to marry the Jewish dentist. After Dr. Dussel went into hiding with the Franks, Charlotta sent him care packages through Miep Gies; a very dangerous thing to do. Anne mentions several times in her diary that Dussel refused to share his goodies with the rest of the Annex. Dussel died in a concentration camp in 1944. After the war, Charlotta was able to marry Dr. Dussel posthumously; Otto Frank helped her arrange this. She was then eligible to receive government payments. Dussel had a son, Peter, from his first marriage. Peter was sent to England as a child, to escape the Nazi's. He was furious that Charlotta was receiving money that he felt should go to him. He wrote Charlotta at least one hateful letter about it, and he also wrote to Mr. Frank. Otto Frank attempted to bring about a reconciliation between the two, but was not successful. Charlotta and Otto Frank were friends. Some sources indicate she had a romantic interest in him. He took her to Switzerland to meet his mother and other relatives, but the visit was not a success. She returned home angry, and their friendship cooled. When Anne's diary was published, Charlotta was furious at the many negative references to Dr. Dussel. She broke off all contact with Mr. Frank and Miep Gies. She died in 1985, leaving no know family. Her belongings were sent to a flea market, where an employee of the Secret Annexe discovered them. Included were several books belonging to Dr. Dussel, and many pictures. These items are now part of the Secret Annexe.

the van pels family which included auguste van pels (the mother), hermann van pels (the father), and peter van pels (the son). There was also a family friend in hiding with them named Alfred Dussel.

Anne Frank was thirteen when she went into hiding. anne frank was 13 years oldAnne Frank went into hiding at the age of 13 to 15.

Anne Frank was 13 when she went into the annex.

I think Margot was 20. Because she was 18 when she and Anne went into hiding.

Einstein went to the Zurich Polytechnic in Switzerland

Frank Krohn went by Frank Romano.

Anne Frank was 13 years old when she went into Hiding

Anne Frank and Margot Frank went to Bergen-Belsen in 1944.

I think because of intelligents he was too smart for the teachers the went to a special school in Switzerland called eth zurich

Frank Leahy went by The Master.

Frank Mundy went by Rebel.

Frank Musiol went by Musi.

Frank Tashlin went by Tish.