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Q: Why did my appendicitis pain stop?
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How long can you go with appendicitis with out knowing it?

The pain of the appendicitis is very severe. You can not practically have appendicitis without feeling the pain.

Can you have appendicitis pain for2-3 weeks?

The severe pain of appendicitis demands immediate attention, with in hours. It is least likely to get the pain of appendicitis for days or weeks.

How do you tell if pain is appendicitis?

An appendicitis starts with abdominal pain in the lower right quadrant of the stomach.

Where does appendicitis come from?

i want to know where the appendicitis come from? how do you stop the appendicitis?

How bad does appendicitis hurt?

You can have appendicitis and no pain or you could have an appendicitis with a lot of pain. When i had appendicitis about a month ago i have some pain but it was not that bad that i couldn't walk or anything like that but the surgeon that did my operation said that some people have appendicitis and can not feel any pain but he also said that some people have really bad pain and have nothing wrong with them.

Is appendicitis a radiating pain or referred pain?

The pain of appendicitis is felt at the umbilicus. Appendix lies in right iliac fossa. So this is referred pain.

How can you write the word appendicitis in a sentence?

My doctor diagnosed the pain in my abdomen as appendicitis.

Can appendicitis pain go away and return?

If pain of appendicitis go away, you probably have got ruptured appendix. The pain will return with more severe pain of peritonitis.

What is abdominal pain?

Abdominal pain is the leading symptom to an appendicitis.

Can you have appendicitis without a fever?

You usually have mild fever with appendicitis. The pain is the prominent symptom.

Pain in the RLQ is most characteristic of?

Most cases of acute right lower quadrant(RLQ) pain are considered appendicitis

Pain on right side of abdomen?


How do you get rid of the pain of appendicitis?

Have you appendix removed.

What causes right abdominal pain?


What's Abdominal pain?

Abdominal pain is the leading symptom to an appendicitis.

Does pain relief medicine make appendicitis pain go away?

No. Pain relief medicines will not give much relief from the pain of appendicitis. Only narcotic analgesics like morphine can give you pain relief from pain of appendicitis. They should not be used in acute abdomen, unless you obtain written consent for operation.

Sharp pain in your right rib cage?

appendicitis No, it's not appendicitis. It's probably your gallbladder. Appendicitis is lower right abdomen.

Right stomach pain?

There are many reasons why you could have stomach pain on your right side including appendicitis. Appendicitis is the swelling and irritation of the appendix.

What are the appendicitis symptoms in adults?

Some of the symptoms of the appendicitis is usually pain located in the stomach region. Sometimes in can either be a dull pain and sometimes it can be extreme.

What causes pain in right abdomen and referred pain to right forearm?


What right lower quadrant's pain and leg pain have to do with appendicitis?

right quadrant.

Where is the pain for appendicitis?

In your abdominal area below your stomach.

Where is the Pain?

Appendicitis can present itself in different ways with different people. Appendicitis symptoms normally start with a pain in the right side. There could be a fever associated with the pain if the appendix has already ruptured of if there is an infection present. Nausea and vomiting are also appendicitis symptoms.

Does appendicitis pain start out dull?

Yes. But shortly it will turn out to be very severe pain.

Can you have appendicitis with a 99 8 temperature?

There is about 101 degree Fahrenheit fever in appendicitis. You can have 99.8 degree temperature in appendicitis, specially when you have received pain killer injection.