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If you would like to know what gender your betta is, look for the egg spot. (for females) It should be a small white cloud between the head and body. If your betta has one, it's a female. If your betta doesn't have one, it's a male.

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Yes male Betta fish will fight each other because they are very dominant fish, Betta's are also called Siamese fighting fish because if you put a male Betta fish in a tank with another Betta they will fight sometimes even a male and a female Betta will fight one another unless they are mating but once there babies have hatched the male will eat them unless he is moved and then he will fight the female. Betta's used to be used for entertainment as well people would raise there fish and then put them in fighting contests for money and human satisfaction.

If you have not fed and housed her very well with lots of live food etc and brought her into breeding condition, she will be unable to breed with the male. To avoid her being killed by the male, she must be moved into a different tank, and brought into breeding condition before she is re-introduced to the male.

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If the female is left in the tank after spawning the male will kill her. She should be removed as sonn as spawning has been completed. The male will eat the fry once they start swimming properly and feeding themselves, so he should be moved once the free swimming stage commences.

Just keep the water clean and feed the fish. A betta fish is also known as a fighting fish, so whenever you put them together they will fight.That's not true I have 2 female betta fish and they do not fight they usually just chase each other for about a minute then go back swimming they should be fine watch them carfully for a while and if it does countinue then yes you should separate them but again i have 2 females and they do not fight.I agree with the above statement. I have three female betta's in a community tank. They have a definite hierarchy going on but other than that they are normally very good. You need to watch them closely though. One of the three apperently pissed the boss off and got pretty beat up the other day. But this was after near a month of more or less perfect harmony. Male betta's should never be left in a tank together, unless you have some way of keeping them from seeing each other. Remember all betta's can jump a few inches out of the water. A simple see through barrier that comes up to the top of the water will not keep them separated. They can and will jump it. Epsolon77.

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Live bearers are the quickest and easiest to breed and will usually breed more than you want or can contain. Next are Convicts, Texas Cichlid, Chocolate Cichlids and Jack Dempseys. Most African Cichlids breed easily as well. Betta fish can be more difficult since you have to wait for the male to begin building a bubble nest, then find a female with the faint horizontal lines, introduce the two, hope she doesn't die, then remove her once the eggs are being moved to the bubbles by the male. Zebra danios are also easy to breed, and so are White Cloud Mountain Minnows.

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