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North Vietnam has NEVER defeated South Vietnam! They didn't even fight with each other. They are two parts of one country. Where did you get that kind of information??

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North Vietnam and South Vietnam. South Vietnam was a democratic republic and North Vietnam had a socialist government headed by a communist regime. North Vietnam was trying to defeat the democracy of South Vietnam and unify the country.

The US was an ally of South Vietnam; it was up to South Vietnam to repel the invasion from the north, with massive military assistance from the US (which, of course, ultimately failed).

America fought against North Vietnam, in an unsuccessful attempt to defeat its invasion and conquest of South Vietnam.

North Vietnamese won the Vietnam War, and it is the year 1975, not 1990, that they militarily defeat South Vietnam.

South Vietnam was not able to gain independence from North Vietnam. North Vietnam took over the country during the Vietnam War and the United States Army left in defeat.

Which Vietnam is good North or South

The north Vietnamese wanted south Vietnam reunited with north Vietnam

There is no North and South in Vietnam. Just Vietnam.

America did not lose the Vietnam police action. In 1975 the South Vietnamese lost their civil war with North Vietnam two years after the American withdrawal. The North violated their Peace Treaty an invaded South Vietnam and were able to defeat the South Vietnamese militarily.

NVA tanks crashed thru their gates and accepted their surrender on 30 April 1975.

This is the main one- South Vietnam and its supporters were not sufficient enough to defeat Communist North Vietnam, who had the help of China and other Communist countries. So the South was defeated, the North took over the South and combined South and North into one country, Vietnam. Due to the whole country becoming Communist many South Viets fled the country as refugees.

North Vietnam moved to South Vietnam by rice rich right ?

north vietnam won and south vietnam lost now south vietnam has toxic wate down there but north vietnam has clean water

the north won and the south loss

There IS no North and South Vietnam, only Vietnam. After the US withdrew combat forces from South Vietnam, North Vietnam violated the peace agreement, invaded and conquered South Vietnam. Game over.

North Vietnam WAS located north of the 17th parallel. South VN was south of it.

The North were the communists. The South was the free republic (of South Vietnam).

1. The US didn't defeat N. Vietnam. 2. The "ONLY" weapon feared by North Vietnam (and the NVA in South Vietnam) was the B-52 Stratofortress heavy bomber (Strategic Air Command).

There no longer is a North Vietnam, North Vietnam and South Vietnam were joined together after the Vietnam War.

North Vietnam...not Vietnam. Vietnam didn't exist until 1975.

The Americans did not make war with Vietnam. There was no Vietnam. There were two countries: NORTH Vietnam and SOUTH Vietnam. NORTH Vietnam attacked SOUTH Vietnam. The US (Americans) defended SOUTH Vietnam. The US never invaded NORTH Vietnam (the US bombed it though). NORTH Vietnam invaded SOUTH Vietnam. NORTH Vietnam was (and still is) a communist nation. The US was against communism.

They withdrew from South Vietnam in defeat.

Communist North Vietnam wanted to unite with NON-Communist South Vietnam.

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