Why did only men perform?

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I think you maybe asking about Elizabethan England and if so the reason is it was against the law for women to act.
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Do only men get meningitis?

No The "men" in meningitis comes from its reference to the meninges (protective membranes covering the brain andspinal cord). Sadly for victims, this can happen to either gendersince they both have brains and spinal cords.

Did men originally perform kabuki?

Answer . Originally, kabuki was only performed by women, many of whom acted as prostitutes. After women were banned from kabuki, to protect public morality, the theatrical form was performed by young boys, then men, and today mostly men with a few women. (see: http://www.answers.com/kabuki)

Why did only gay men get AIDS?

It in fact is not strictly homosexual men that aquire HIV/AIDS. The virus can be transfirred to anyone through the exchange of bodily fluids such as semen, blood, and breast milk. Practicing safe sex whether you are heterosexual or homosexual every time you have sex is a good way of protecting yours ( Full Answer )

Did basketball used to be 'mens only'?

Basketball was created for a boys gym class when they were bored, so naturally, like everything else at the time, girls weren't allowed. After a while, girls were allowed to play, but in skirts only. Finally, girls today are just as good at basketball as guys.

Why do men get performance anxiety?

Lets say he isn't the first guy in your love life and he knows it. He thinks he has to be better than the last guy and he feels pressured to prove himself to you so that you will think he is the best lover you've ever had. In all truth no two lovers are the same, some men take their time with women, ( Full Answer )

Why has only men traveled to the moon?

While the NASA programs incorporated many female astronauts during the Shuttle era, in the 1960's the flight positions were all filled by males. Moon landings took place from 1969 to 1972. With the early involvement of Soviet women as cosmonauts, it is possible that Russia would have included a woma ( Full Answer )

Why do men like to perform cunnilingus?

A lot of men like performing cunnilingus because they enjoy the taste. They also like having the control in their hands, they can choose what to do and enjoy making a woman orgasm. They might also like watching the reaction of their partner as they perform it. It's usually unique from person to pers ( Full Answer )

Men only Olympic events?

The Nordic combined event is still a men only event. All otherevents women are allowed and permitted to compete in.

What are five jobs only men can do?

I am not sure I can rattle of 5, but at the last I checked: -Women can not become a US Marine Corp Sniper -Women can not serve in the infantry -Women cannot perform other direct ground based hand to hand combat in war Are there other, non-military or non marine corp jobs that are not el ( Full Answer )

What do men wear when they perform a ballet?

men usually wear tights, but more of a spandex material the top usually varies It all depends on the ballet piece itself, my friend. Usually a flowing blouse shirt or top of some kind that looks like fashion from an early period. With of course, the traditional tights and soft slippers.

Why did men only perform in ancient greek shows?

Well, all the academic explanations & analyzing well & good but aside, it can be simply said due to the cultural mores, beliefs, taboos of the society (and they would likely find ours just as odd as we find theirs)... Curiously, the idea of no female actors persisted in the West (for various & other ( Full Answer )

Where did the kings men perform?

Shakespeare's acting company, the King's Men, performed in many venues. Primarily they had two playhouses, the Globe Theatre which was an outdoor theatre they used in summer, and the Blackfriars Theatre (after 1608) which they used in winter. They also were required to perform at court quite often, ( Full Answer )

Where Did The Chamberlains Men Perform?

The Lord Chamberlain's Men were formed in 1594 and continued under that name until 1603 when they were re-chartered as The King's Men. (Same company, different name) During this time they performed at several theatres: The Theatre, Newington Butts Theatre during a spell of plague in '94, The Curtain ( Full Answer )

Where did the Lord Chamberlain's men perform?

In various theatres: The Theatre, The Curtain, The Globe, The Blackfriars. They also played at court, in noblemen's houses, and at places like the Inns of Court, where we know Twelfth Night was performed.

Does hemophilia only affect men?

mostly males do. it is x-linked recessive trait, so it is passed from affected males through their daughters to their grandsons. but since females can be carriers and show symptoms to some degree some females are hemophiliacs but its rare. a father cant pass it directly to his son.

How do you perform hands only CPR?

The old way of doing CPR was for every 30 compressions, you give two breaths. Now that it's hands only, you simply take away the two breaths and do continuous compressions until the patient has a pulse, or is pronounced dead by a medical provider with the appropriate license to do so. Why it is hand ( Full Answer )

Can men only get kidney stones?

No, women can also get kidney stones. Kidney stones are caused by a poor diet consisting of a high quantity of sodium consumed.

Is cologne only for men?

Yeah, you will usually only see men wearing cologne. But a women can wear it too. A guy though shouldn't wear perfume unless he's gay.

Why do only men box?

This is not strictly true. There are many female boxers, unfortunately like most female sports the mens' version gets the most attention.

Did only men work in pyramids?

well, over 100 000 men worked which were mainly slaves (Israelites). No animals worked on them because lets face it, its a desert and the only animals they would possibly use is camal which is not mentioned. So only israelites (slaves) that were captured by the eygptians but then saved and set free ( Full Answer )

Is 'Sweetest Day' for men only?

Sweetest Day is primarily a holiday for the men. However, the idea is that women give their boyfriends and husbands small gifts to commemorate their love. So, technically this 'holiday' would be celebrated together by the couple.

Is heaven for men only?

well yes it's only for men but some women can go to heaven as well but only 1 in every 100 women will go to heaven because alot of women are ungrateful of the good things their husbands do for them and when they see one thing in their husbands they don't like they always say "you never did anything ( Full Answer )

Why were men only allowed to perform in Shakespeares plays?

People at various times in history have different ideas about what is a decent or an indecent thing to do. At various times and places it has been thought indecent for women to show their legs or faces. Nowadays it is thought to be shocking and indecent for a man to have a love affair with a woman h ( Full Answer )

Why do men love to perform cunillingus?

Because some of us love to cause pleasure, to hear a woman moaning and to know that we are causing it with just our tongue.. Whats not to love

What sacrament can men only use?

In the Roman Catholic Church (Eastern and Western rite) there are seven sacraments. Of these only "Holy Orders" is reserved for men. Holy Orders is sometimes called ordination. Other denominations such as Anglican allow women to be ordained.

When were only men allowed to vote?

Up until 1920, when the 19th amendment allowing women's suffrage went into affect, only men could vote in the US. In the UK it was up until 1918. But then they had to be over 30 and living in a property with a yearly value of more than £5. In 1928 the age was reduced to 21 in line with men. No ( Full Answer )

Only gay men can get HIV?

No. Anyone can get it by indulging in dangerous practices with an infected person. A virus does not distinguish between male and female hosts or by sexual orientation.

Why do only men wear a yarmulke?

In traditional Judaism only men wear a Yarmulke (or Kippah) because only men are obligated to fulfill the timebound commandments of prayer. In Conservative and Reform Judaism, either men or women may wear a Kippah, though it is still much more common for men to wear them.

Why was there only 3 wise men?

we don't get told that there are 3 wise men people assume that because there were 3 gifts given to baby Jesus.

What is only available for men?

If your question is what can a male have that a female cant i have a couple of answers. Male condom's,a real penis........nothing else. Women become more manly and use manly things everyday.

Why are there only men in engineering classes?

The hypothesis of the question is false. Engineering classes attended by this contributor in 1960 included several females, and the percentages have grown since then.

What sports are mostly for men only?

Technically there are no sports that only men can play. Women (inmost countries) can play any sport. There is a difference frombeing allowed to play verses being able to play. Also some sportsmost women prefer not to play. Even though they can they may not want too. So basically therearen't really a ( Full Answer )

Can only men can be governor?

No. Females can have every position that men can have. From mayor to governor all the way up to president

Should only men do breakdancing?

Becuase dance is a form of expression all genders, races, and types of people are free to dance however they choose.

Do only men dig on the goldfields?

Yes men only did dig for gold in the goldfieldsbecause the women were so busy with their jobs andchildren.

Were only men turned into mummies?

My heavens no!! have you ever head of hatshepsut?? she was a very powerful ruler of egypt and not too long ago, egyptologists found her mummified body. So no... it was not only men that were mummified. although it may seem like it because mostly men were rulers of egypt but mummies werent always rul ( Full Answer )

Why do only men play rugby?

There not only men playing the game women play as well as children and young adults

What percent of men can perform autofellatio?

Not many can actually perform it. You need to be flexible and youngenough to practise. Nobody knows what percent because their has notbeen a poll taken.

Is criminology course only for men?

not at all..... criminology is an universal subject...... because even women are involved in crimes..... so it would be wrong to say that criminology is only for men..... Dr. Fabianski Benjamin Fiji Islands

Did shakespeare only perform in the globe?

Absolutely not! Shakespeare had already been an actor for about 10years before the Globe was built and had performed in The Theatre,The Curtain, Newington Butts and The Rose Theatre. He alsoperformed regularly in the Blackfriars Theatre (an indoor theatre)after the King's Men opened it as their wint ( Full Answer )

In Greece were there only men in the government?

Yes. Only in the Kingdom of Sparta did women have a good level ofequality and independence, although no 'political' rights. Theother Greek States saw women as no more than the possession offirst their father and later, their husband. There, they had norights whatsoever.