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Paul went on his midnight ride to warn John Hancock and Samuel Adams that the British had made plans to arrest them.

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When did Paul Revere go to lexington?

Paul Revere left for Lexington, Massachusetts on the evening of April 18, 1775. This became known as the 'Midnight Ride.'

Why did paul revere go on the midnight ride?

I DNT KNOW! but i think htey did with cheswell wentwoth and ima gurgle

What county and state did Paul Revere ride?

Revere rode from Boston, Mass to go to Lexington and Concord. He never finished the ride. Out side of Lexington he was arrested and his horse taken from him. Dawes and Prescott finished the ride. We only know about him because Longfellow in his poem wrote about the "midnight ride of Paul Revere."

Did paul revere go on his famous ride in the morning or night?

At Sundown. O.o Jk. He went at night. That's the point of it being called the "Midnight Ride".

Who did Paul Revere go with on his ride?

William Dawes and Samuel Prescott.

Paul revere is best known for his midnight ride which he ........?

He rode a horse to go tell some Americans that the red coats or lobsters whatever are coming so theres your answer hope your happy

Did Samuel Adams go on a ride with Paul Revere?

Paul Revere and Samuel Adams were successful in portraying violence in Boston as: B.An attack by soldiers on peaceful colonists.

Did Paul Revere go to college?

Paul Revere did not actually go to college. He was apprenticed by his father.

Was Paul Revere an American soldier?

yes Paul Revere was an American soldier go Paul

What are some problems or conflicts in Paul Revere's Ride?

during the midnight ride, Paul revere ran into trouble, trouble being the British. some British watchmen are posted in some places, or are patrolling some of Massachusetts. until, Prescott decided to help Dawes and Paul, they were surrounded by British soldier's, and Prescott agreed to go warn the rest of the patriotic public people.

Where was the ride of Paul Revere?

A new ride that increased public spending. The 'Bumper Cars' AKA 'The Dodgems' was a huge revolution for American people. With Paul Revere inventing the technology for it to work, along side brother Peter Revere decorating early prototypes, the pair became millionaires in just 5 years of releasing the patents for this ride. 30% of all profits from the sale of this ride around the world today, go to the Revere Trust Fund which aims to provide elderly peoples rides at funfairs, due to ageism complaints regarding the accessibility for such rides.

Who got Paul Revere out of jail?

he never went to jail, he was merely kept for the night of his ride, in a camp with British soldiers, who let him go in the morning.

Where did Paul Revere go to school?

Paul Revere went to school at the North Writing School. He learned the art of gold and silversmithing from his father. His father is Appollos Rivoire (Revere.) Paul became a silversmith.

Did the british soldiers let Paul Revere free?

Yes.The British let Paul Revere go and he had to return without his horse.

What were some Paul Reveres accomplishments?

Paul Revere was a silversmith from Boston Massachusetts, some accoplishments are that he said that "the british are coming, the british are coming" and if Pual Revere, William Dawes, and and Samuel Prescott didn't go around at midnight and say that we would be ruled by Britain right now.

Where did Paul Revere go to college?

Paul Revere didn't actually go to college; he just became his father's apprentice and then took over the business when his father died.

Who was Apollos rivoire?

He was the father of Paul Revere. Apollos Rivoire changed his name to Paul Revere and named his son after him. this answer is wrong dont go to this site

Why did Paul Revere go warn Samuel Adams and John Hancock?

Because they were really good friends of Paul Revere. They were really good patriots

When did Paul rever go to writing school?

He did not. Revere was a silversmith.

Did Paul Revere go to school and where?

Paul Revere went to the North Writing School and he was an apprentice to his father, who taught him the art of gold and silver smithing, he was also taught how to engrave.

Did Paul Revere go to school?

Yes, he did go to school. He went to the North Writing School.

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