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he fought for equality and the economy was good during his presidency. He was shot and people appreciated those who are murdered
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Why was John F. Kennedy so popular?

I was about 20 at the time Kennedy was shot and yes he was amazingly popular. Both in the USA and in Australia.

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What did John F. Kennedy do to help the African American people?

In the early 1960's people with the different skin colour (Blacks and Whites) where treated differently. They had also had to use different public facilities. For example, Blacks couldn't eat in the same restaurants, drink out of the same drinking fountains, or use the same bathrooms as Whites. Blac ( Full Answer )

What where the 7 people who killed John F. Kennedy?

President JohnF. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas on November 22,1963 at aged 46. Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested for the crime.Oswald was murder two days later by Jack Ruby. Various groupsbelieved that Kennedy was the victim of a conspiracy. However, theFBI and the Warren Commission officia ( Full Answer )

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because they tell them, waht to do and because the gave their special needs daughter a frontal labotomy, Teddy left a young woman to die, and the mad their money illegally being rum runners! for your info!

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Well, first of all, the heart is what keeps you alive. And 2nd..... People love their heart so much, because, they can keep everything in their, and know it stays their.

Why was John F. Kennedy so famous?

John F. Kennedy was the 35 th president of the United States of America. Over the course of his presidency, the "Space Race" took place; Kennedy wrote several speeches pertaining to this. Years ago, John F. Kennedy was assassinated in the great state of Texas.

Why is John F. Kennedy so famous?

Kennedy was young and good looking and had a pretty wife and twointersesting children. He was a good speaker and captured theimagination of the public. Then he was tragically killed. He hadtwo brothers who were prominent senators and made a lot of news.His wife married again to a billionaire so his ( Full Answer )

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What did John F. Kennedy do to get people to vote for him?

John F. Kennedy ran for the office of the presidency against Richard M. Nixon, who was the vice president at the time under Republican president Dwight D. Eisenhower. Kennedy was widely seen as a higly charismatic individual who embraced new methods of politicking during his bid for the presidency. ( Full Answer )

Was John F. Kennedy a good president to some people?

YES to some people but he was also bad to others. tHE president before JFk (i don't remember who...) had promised to assit cuba in their war. It was a war to overthrow castro, the - very bad ruler of Cuba- so the soldiers from the U.S. and supplies they were going to bring to help was on it's ( Full Answer )

How much is a recording of John F Kennedy worth?

"Value" in collectibles does not only rely on how old an object is, but whether it is rare or common. John F. Kennedy died in 1963. Though this seems very long ago, it is not "old" in the world of collecting. Also, recordings were more easily made between 1940s-1960s and more people were making au ( Full Answer )

What is so amazing about John F. Kennedy?

There are so many things that were so amazing about John F Kennedy.He is the one who initiated the Alliance for Progress and alsonegotiated the Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty among other great leadershipskills.

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How much did John F Kennedy get paid to be president?

He refused to accept any salary as President, same as Herbert Hoover. Washington indicated that he would serve without pay but did not want to set a precedent that future presidents would find a hardship to honor ,and so accepted a small salary.

How much is parking at John F. Kennedy Airport?

Parking at JFK You can use two different types of parking at JFK airport: 1) Long-Term JFK Airport ParkingLefferts Blvd, 4 miles from CTA AirTrain services link parking with the terminals. $18 for up to 24 hours $6 for each 8-hour period over first 24 hours 2) Daily JFK Airport ParkingGree ( Full Answer )

I am walking disabled so how do you get from John F. Kennedy to Penn Station?

You can get from JFK to Penn Station by subway: you take the shuttle, called the AirTrain, from inside the JFK terminals to the Howard Beach Station of the A train (of the A-C-E, the blue line). The A train stops at Penn Station. Very few subway stations are accessible by wheelchair. Penn Station ( Full Answer )

How is John F. Kennedy special?

John F. Kennedy is special in many ways. One way he is special is that he encourages Americans to do great things. He introduced the Peace Corps and was a great president. Everyone is special in their own way. John F Kennedy was different from the other presidents. For he had a greater impact on how ( Full Answer )

How much is a John F. Kennedy 1876 coin worth?

there is no 1876 JFK coin in existance, John f Kennedy was president in the 1960's, he was not even born is that time period. if you ment to put 1976, it would be worth about 50 cents.

How did John F. Kennedy came important to people?

He was young for a president and was cut down in the prime of life. He had a beautiful wife and two appealing children. People still remember the picture of little John John saluting the funeral cortege. In short, he became a sort of cult figure.

How much is a 1965 John F. Kennedy tapestry worth?

From personal experience i can tell you i sold mine for $80.00 i found a buyer and they were very interested in the John F Kennedy trinkets. They had no second thoughts they bought it right away. So i think you could sell yours for atlest $60.00. Good Luck.

What impressed people about John F. Kennedy?

He came back from the war as a hero. He was young and nice-looking. His Irish name and background helped him in his home state. He had unlimited campaign financing and inside political contacts from his family,

How did John F. Kennedy get so popular?

He was young and good-looking and a good speaker. He made a good first impression. He had a beautiful and interesting wife and two attractive children. And then, he was tragically struck down! Also he was an Irish Catholic President and that alone gave him a popularity base.

Why do people love uggs so much?

They are very comfy and supposidly keep your foot at perfect room temperature even if it's really cold

Why did Americans love John F. Kennedy?

Most people love JFK because of his untimely death. The realm of what if really puts JFK in the hearts of Americans. I love JFK because he changed the way politics were to run, how he stood up for the common man and how he was going to change America!

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Why was John F. Kennedy one of the most loved presidents?

A combination of charisma and social events at the time. America was dealing with the social upheaval of the 60s while still trying to come to terms with the consequences of the Korean war. This created a large point of contention for Americans because we didn't want to enter another long, drawn-out ( Full Answer )

What did John F Kennedy do to help people in America?

Kennedy desired a career in politics. In 1946 he became a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives from the Massachusetts eleventh congressional district. Kennedy built a large personal organization for his campaign. On whirlwind tours he met as many voters as possible. He talked to the peopl ( Full Answer )

How much is a taxi from Times Square to John F. Kennedy?

Yellow cabs charge a flat rate of $45 (NOT including tolls, tax and tip) between JFK and any point in Manhattan. Yellow cabs carry up to 4 passengers. Car services (such as Carmel, 212-666-6666, and Dial 7 Car & Limo, 212-777-7777) will charge comparable rates.

How much taxi John F. Kennedy manhatten?

For trips between (to and from) Manhattan and JFK International Airport , the flat fare is $45.00 plus any tolls using Rate Code 2 on the meter.

Who is John F. Kennedy and why is he so important?

John F Kennedy (JFK) was the 35th president of the united states. He sailed on the boat PT 109 and it got destroyed by the Japanese when he fought in world war 2. He fought in the war as a PT commander.

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