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Roman numerals weren't even used outside Europe so I hardly consider them being used in "everyday life" of the average human. Roman numerals used a primitive and inconvenient system which was easily replaced by the Hindu-Arabic numerals that are now standard in the modern world.

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The number 947 in Roman numerals would be CMXLVII

We started Roman Numerals in about the year of 1389 AD I think.

You type roman numerals by using capital letters.

Convert from Roman numerals to Arabic numerals, add, convert back to Roman numerals.

You type roman numerals by using capital letters, like this: MXLXX.

If you mean in Roman numerals then: 753 = DCCLIII

You cannot write fractions using Roman numerals.

This question has been answered under Roman Numerals.

The answer depends on how many more millennia they keep using Roman numerals!

Spend a day using only roman numerals instead of Arabic numerals. The disadvantages will become painfully obvious.

A) Arabic numerals are in numbers whereas Roman numerals are in letters.B) Even if Roman numerals are in letters the symbols are easier to understand, despite the fact that Australians and Americans and most probably you write numbers using the system of Arabic numerals.C) The system of Roman numerals was invented before the system of Arabic numerals, but people use the system of Arabic numerals to write more frequently.

Not really, since roman numerals don't have units smaller then one.

The proper way to write super bowl 44 using Roman Numerals is Super Bowl XVIV.

The roman numerals that represents the number 985 are : CMLXXXV. There are certain rules that must be followed when using roman numerals. Roman numerals are seldom used like they were about fifty or sixty years ago, it is not as common.

It is a very common practice to represent dates (primarily years) and series using roman numerals.

All British Queen Victoria Florins from 1849 to 1887 were dated using Roman numerals. Can you narrow down the possibilities a lot with the actual Roman numerals used?

Roman mathematics refers to mathematics performed during Roman times, generally using Roman numerals and/or a Roman abacus.

In standard Roman numerals, there is no such number as "S", and using mixed-case characters (like "Cc") also does not represent anything. That is to say, SXCc is not a Roman numeral.

The advantages for using roman numerals is that it is good on analogue clocks and watches, and you use it for maths to teach children how to read roman numerals!! I hope that helps!! GOOD LUCK!! In whatever you are doing! * * * * * Except that if there never had been Roman numerals, there would be no need to teach children how to read Roman numerals!

The first seven Roman numerals are I, V, X, L, C, D, M The first seven numbers as written using Roman numerals are I,II,III,IV,V,VI,VII

Roman Numerals are just another way of writing numbers. The same as using the Chinese Numerals, or even our very own Arabic Numerals. Tally is another way of noting numbers. So anything could, in essence, precede or follow Roman Numerals, that could precede or follow Arabic Numerals or Tallies.

They were developed using a Roman system that worked out for pretty much all of the Romans

Using them for mathematical operations is very complicated, and sometimes impossible. When dealing with large numbers, roman numerals tend to be very long. There is no zero.

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