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Q: Why did people think the Trojan war was fictional?
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Did the people fighting in the Trojan war get prepared before the war?

yes the people did get ready before the Trojan War.

Who is people in war in the Trojan war?

The Trojans and the Greeks

Who was fighting whom in the Trojan War?

i think it was Zeus and the trojans?

How was it proved the Trojan war really happened?

The Trojan war was proven by, when people found evidence like armor and journals.

Which group of people fought in the Trojan War?

the mycenaens

What group of people fought in the Trojan War?

The Mycenaeans

How do people know about the Trojan War?

From the Iliad and Odyssey.

What groupspeople frought in the Trojan war?

for my endlish homework i have to find who fought in the Trojan war so like people and also groups

What happened to Odysseus after Trojan war?

Odysseus is an epic hero. Based on what you know about the Trojan War and Odysseus, write a paragraph predicting what you think The Odyssey will be about.

Why did Athena allow Odysseus to join the Trojan war?

i think it was with madusa

What war was the Trojan Horse part of?

The Trojan War

Was the Trojan war a surprise?

The Trojan War was a surprise.

Who was sirion in the Trojan war?

There was no Sirion in the Trojan War.

What war was the Trojan horse built?

The Trojan War.

Which Greek speaking people started the Trojan war?


Who were the two groups fighting in the Trojan war?

The two groups fighting in the Trojan War were Sparta and Troy. I think other Greeks were involved as well as Spartans.

What is the poem that is about Trojan war?


What is the effect of the Trojan War to people?

Many people were killed, injured and enslaved.

Was Dionysus part of the Trojan war?

No he was not part of the Trojan War

Was Nike in the Trojan war?

No, she was not mentioned in the accounts of the Trojan War.

The lliad and the odyssey describe events related to which war?

the Trojan war because the poems talk about the war heros in the Trojan war.

What happens to Patroclus after the Trojan war?

he was killed during the trojan war.

Impact of Trojan war?

After the Trojan war all of the trojans were killed

Which side win the Trojan war?

The Greek won the Trojan war

Why Did the Romans fight in the Trojan war?

They didn't . They came after the Trojan War.