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Why did pilgrim come to America?

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People from England came to America. They were called Pilgrims. They came to America in 1620. The Pilgrims wanted freedom of religion. They wanted to choose their own church. They came on a ship they called the Mayflower. The Pilgrims lived in a place called Plymouth. The Indians (Native Americans) helped them build Why_did_Pilgrims_come_to_Americaand find food. The Native Americans (Indians) were the first people to live in America.

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What is better mongoose or pilgrim?

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When did 'The Pilgrim Fathers' leave England?

In 1608 the pilgrim fathers left England to America

The life of a pilgrim before coming to America?


Where did the term pilgrim come from?


What was the first Christian sect in America?

The pilgrim fathers were Puritan.

First pilgrim ship to land in America?

The Mayflower in 1620

When did the pilgrim fathers arrive?

they arrived in America when they felt like it

What is the name of the Pilgrim ship that didn't make it to America?

the speedwell

How can you use the word pilgrim in a sentence?

The pilgrims migrated to America.

Who were some pilgrim leaders?

The Pilgrims came to America to secure religious freedoms. Some of the Pilgrim leaders were William Brewster and William Bradford.

What does the term pilgrim mean in America history?

it means settlers from England

What date did the pilgrim fathers land in America?

21 November 1620

Are you a pilgrim if you come from Europe now?

You could be. A pilgrim is someone who is on a pilgrimage. A dictionary defines a pilgrimage as a journey to a sacred place or shrine or a long journey or search, especially one of exalted purpose or moral signifigance. The Pilgrims that came to America were searching for a place to worship freely. They were on a pilgrimage. If you are on the same type of journey then I would say yes, you are a Pilgrim.

What was the name of the first pilgrim settlement in America?

Jamestown they named it after King James

What rock makes the spot where the first pilgrim landed in America?

Plymouth Rock

What aws the primary reason the pilgrim left holland for America?

Religious persecution

When did the immigrant come to US?

It is impossible to say when the first immigrants came to America. Immigrants have been coming to America for thousands of years. The Pilgrim fathers were immigrants. The people that came with Columbus were immigrants. Many other people had come to America long before Columbus and they were immigrants. The first people on the American continent were immigrants.

When does Scott Pilgrim vs the World come out?

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What was the name of the ship that brought the pilgrams to America in 1620?

The Mayflower is the name of the ship that brought the Pilgrim Fathers to America in 1620.

What is the name of the Pilgrim ship that did not make it to the US?

the speedwell did not make it to America due to leaks.

What modern pub game was introduced to America by the pilgrim fathers?


Where were the founders of the Plymouth colony from?

The 'Pilgrim Fathers' who founded the Plymouth Plantation in America were from England.