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The pilgrims wore a lot of clothing with buckles because it was the style of the time. It was the look of the day and they wanted to fit in with their peers. They also wanted to look nice and dress in a way that showed respect for their faith. The clothing was made of heavy fabrics so it was necessary to fasten it with buckles to keep it from slipping off.

The main items of clothing the pilgrims wore that had buckles included:

  • A doublet which was a fitted jacket often made of wool
  • A jerkin which was a short sleeveless coat
  • A shirt which was made of linen or cotton
  • Trousers which were usually made of wool or leather
  • Stockings

The buckles were used to fasten together the various layers of clothing and keep them secure. This style of clothing was popular among the pilgrims and other people living in the 17th century. It was also practical as it allowed them to remain warm and well-dressed during their travels.

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Because they buckled under the pressure of the fashion police of their day.
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Q: Why did pilgrims wear all those clothes with a lot of buckles?
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Did most piligrims wear black clothes with big buckles as depicted in most pictures?


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