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Q: Why did rodeo clowns begin wearing clown get-ups?
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What is the possessive form of the word clowns?

The possessive form for the plural noun clowns is clowns'.The possessive form for the singular noun clown is clown's.

What is the possessive noun for clown?

The possessive singular noun for clown is clown's, e.g. "That clown's clothes are very colourful."The possessive plural noun for clowns is clowns', e.g. Those clowns' clothes are very colourful.

What is the plural of clown?


What is the plural clown?


What is Plural of clown?


Is the clown population declining?

research shows the decline in clowns is linked to the decline in clown cobblers. Further exacerbating the problem is the existing shoes are wearing out at similar rates to the decline in clowns. Simply put, there is a finite number of clown shoes, due to a clown cobbler shortage, train more clown cobblers and clown numbers will naturally increase, as dictated by Darwinian theory.

What do clowns have as pets?

A clown fish?

What is the plural form of clown?


Is a clown a noun?

Yes, the word clown is both a verb (clown, clowns, clowning, clowned) and a noun (clown, clowns). Examples:verb: Don't clown around while you're eating.noun: The clown had a gift for each child.

All the clowns names from killer clowns from outer space?

klownzilla bozo the klown emperor the clown genghis the clown

Is clowns a singular noun?

No, clowns is a plural noun. The singular form is clown.

What was doink the clowns theme?

"Nightmare Clown"

What country do clowns come from?

Clown Town.

Do people need a killer clown to have a killer clown?

no beuase clowns are nice

Who died from a scary clown's face after seeing it?

people who have phobia of clowns (are scared of clowns).

How do you say clowns in French?

un clown (masc.), des clowns (masc. pl.)

Why are kids scared of clowns?

I have posted my reply already, in depth, if one looks under 'clown' 'clowns' or 'circus clowns'

Why wont a cannable eat a clown?

they will eat clowns.

Why are clown called clowns?

CreppyLosersOffenders of the lawWtfNot funnyScary

What is the famous clowns name from the simpsons?

crusty the clown

Are evil clowns real?

evil clowns can exist yes if the person in the clown costume is evil

Why is the play A Thousand Clowns named a thousand clowns?

The character Murray's life is as chaotic as the clown car in a circus that has a thousand clowns coming out of it.

what wouls be the best age for a child to wear a wicked clown costume?

A child that is in elementary school would be more likely to enjoy wearing a wicked clown costume than one that is younger and associates clowns with fun.

What is the clowns name in Stephen king's it?

The clown's name is Pennywise.

Name for clown phobia?

Coulrophobia is the fear of clowns. i have it, sadly...