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His supporters only called him a trusttamer because he supported powerful corporations but only as long as those corporations did business fairly.

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Wgat did Andrew Jacksons supporters call themselves?

Supporters of Andrew Jackson call themselves democrats.

What did supporters of the Constitution call themselves?


Supporters of the Constitution call themselves what?


What do you call very far left supporters?


What did Eleanor Roosevelt call Franklin D Roosevelt?

Well his real name is Franklin Delano Roosevelt

What party did Theodore Roosevelt and supporters make?

The Progressive Party, in 1912. It was also known as the Bull Moose Party.

Who was the bull moose party found by?

Theodore Roosevelt. When he failed to wrest the Republican presidential nomination away from Taft, Roosevelt and his supporters quit the Republican party and started their own party, so Roosevelt could run for president anyway.

What political party did Jefferson supporters call themselves?

democratic republicans

What did President Roosevelt call the Spanish-American war?

Roosevelt called it "a splendid little war."

Why tehodore Roosevelt served only 2 terms?

The Taft-Roosevelt explosion happened in June of 1912 when the Republican convention met in Chicago. When it came time to vote, the Roosevelt supporters claimed fraud and in the end refused to vote. Taft subsequently won the Republican nomination.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his administrations supporters who sought economic recovery and reform during the Depression were known as what?

New Deal

Did president roosevelt help get civil rights for African Americans?

he was afraid of upsetting white democratic voters in the south, an important segment of his supporters.

What did roosevelt call the American birthright?

Owning a home.

What did president Roosevelt call for in 1933?

A New Deal

Theorore roosevelt tried to win the republican nomination from William Howard Taft in the 1912 election because he believed that Taft?

Had stolen the Republican Nomination from Roosevelt who had then walked out with his supporters and ran under the Progressive Party Platform

Did Theodore Roosevelt like the nickname Teddie?

Roosevelt detested the nickname "Teddie". None of his friends dared call him that.

What did roosevelt call his program of emergency legislation?

The New Deal.

What did Theodore Roosevelt call his progressive program?

The Square Deal

What did Roosevelt call himself after McKinley was assassinated?

The accidental president

What did President Roosevelt call his domestic policy?

The Square Deal.

Why did they call Theodore Roosevelt Teddy?

"Teddy" is a diminutive form of Theodore Roosevelt, similar to "Mikey" for Michael or "Lizzie" for Elizabeth.

What did Theodore Roosevelt call himself after William McKinley was assassinated?

Once McKinley was assassinated, Teddy Roosevelt became President.

Was Teddy Roosevelt part of any era?

Teddy Roosevelt was the cause and personification of the Bull Moose Era, if you want to call it that.

What did they call supporters of the constitution?

The federalists supported the constitution but the anti federalists wanted to change/tweak the constitution.

What did Teddy Roosevelt call his reform legislation plan?

Square Deal