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Why did sailors get tattoos?

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Sailors in general follow old sea dog traditions of having their bodies tattooed for remembering loved ones, places they have visited and as religious icons.

Although tattooing is an ancient art, Captain Cook and his crew are credited with introducing the art to the civilized world after seeing the body art of Hawaiian and Maori natives emblazoned with many different images.

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Q: Why did sailors get tattoos?
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Can navy sailors have tattoos on their forearms?


Do sparrow tattoos sybolize hope?

Hope and Homecoming. Sailors used to spot them when nearing land, which is why they factor into traditional american style tattoos

What is the symbolism of a ship tattoo?

Ship tattoos are mainly seen in men. Sailors and seamen, fisherman generally like ship tattoos. People that enjoy the water also get ship tattoos.

What do three stars on the thumb web mean?

Star tattoos are very popular among sailors. Three star tattoos could be an indicator that the person, or a family member, is a sailor.

How many nautical miles equal a nautical star for sailors tattoos?

1000 miles per nautical star.

What are the most common designs for chest tattoos?

Chest tattoos can be as varied as their owners. The most popular designs are frequently nautical and used by sailors. Dragons and birds, especially eagles, also figure prominently.

Nautical star tattoos?

Originally worn by sailors, and were then absconded by the "punk" and emo scene that the kids are so into this day in age. They have no meaning whatsoever anymore, and most true sailors don't get them anymore due to this sad trend.

What do compass tattoos mean?

Generally sailors would have a compass to "guide you in the right direction". In their terms, home. In ours, wherever you want to go.

Does a sparrow tattoo behind the ear signify a gay sailor?

Sailors got sparrow tattoos to remind them that sparrows always find their way home.

What do roosters symbolize in tattoos among navy men?

From the stories I've heard its a bad luck sign some sailors believe in it some don't just like lightning bold tattoos are supposed to mean bad luck it could just be simply a tattoo to them.

What does a purple and black nautical star mean?

Nautical stars are popular tattoos. The nautical star was originally a symbol for sailors but in present times, despite color, they do not have a meaning.

Tattoos sailors got and why?

The answer is "pretty much whatever they wanted". The only tattoo I have heard of that was common to many old-time sailors was to have the letters H O L D F A S T tattooed on the backs of their hands -- one letter on each knuckle.

What tattoos do US soldiers use to show they have killed an enemy soldier?

During the Vietnam War tattoos were generally prohibited for all US military officers and were HIGHLY frowned upon for any enlisted man. Since, during those times, mostly prison inmates and sailors had tattoos on their bodies...any man having tattoos indicating "kill markings" would quite possibly have been drummed out of the service as an un-desirable person.

What is a collective noun for sailors?

The standard collective nouns for sailors are: a crew of sailors a watch of sailors.

What is the meanings of bird tattoos?

it started with sailors, a sparrow for every 5000 nautical miles you've crossed. Also one swallow on each shoulder for crossing the Tropics of Cancer & Capricorn

What is the collective noun for hundreds of sailors?

The collective noun for 'sailors' is a crew of sailors, whether there are two sailors or hundreds of sailors.

What is the word for a group of sailors?

The collective nouns for sailors are:a crew of sailorsa watch of sailors

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