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Do you possibly mean CS Lewis? Do you possibly mean CS Lewis?

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Why did Lewis Carroll start writing?

beacause he needed money

Why did C.S. Lewis start writing?

He became a Christian and wanted to share his thought and musings with others as well as writing some wonderful fictional allegorical books - like the Narnia series!

How many people did Lewis and clark start with?

How many people did lewis and clark start with?

How old was C.S. Lewis when he began his writing career?

CS Lewis was in his thirties when he began his writing career. Born in 1898, Lewis was 35 when his first novel, "Pilgrim's Regress", was published, in 1933.

What is the statute of limitations for criminal domestic violence in SC?

SC has not statute of limitations of any crime except writing bad checks.

C S Lewis hobbies?

one of his hobbies are writing books

When did Eve Bunting start writing books?

why did eve bunting start writing

What has the author Edwin Herbert Lewis written?

Edwin Herbert Lewis has written: 'A first book in writing English'

When do you start a new paragraph in descriptive writing?

You start a new paragraph in descriptive writing when you start a new topic

When did C.S. Lewis stop writng stories?

CS Lewis continued writing up until his death in 1963

Why was C.S. Lewis famious?

he was famous for writing many books

Cities in SC start with H?

Hollywood honea path

What has the author Phillip V Lewis written?

Phillip V. Lewis has written: 'Test bank to accompany Managing human relations' 'Business report writing' -- subject(s): Business report writing

Is it common for people to begin a writing career after they have been influenced by friends and professional writers or would it just have come naturally?

Some writers start writing after meeting other writers. Some writers start writing at a very early age and keep going. Some writers start writing when they get paid to write. Whenever you start writing - however you start writing - good for you!

What was Clive Staples Lewis' reason for writing?

He started writing as a child because he fell in love with the stories of Beatrix Potter and he never quit writing.

Can the conjuction and start a sentence?

In formal writing I would not start a sentence with and. In less formal writing, sure.

When did Beverly Cleary start writing?

She started writing in 1950.

When did the Lewis and Clark expedition start?

The Lewis and Clark expedition started on May 14, 1804.

When did Jerry Lewis Labor Day marathons start'?

does jerry lee Lewis have muscular dystrophy

How did C.S. Lewis become famous?

by writing awesome books about Christianity.

Can you start a sentence with then?

Yes, certainly you can. Then you can start writing.

What is Lewis Carroll most famous for?

Lewis Carroll is most famous for writing the novels Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.

What is the breed of Lewis and clarks dog?

Lewis and Clark's dog was a Newfoundland breed. His name was "Seamon" OR ''Scannon''. This depends on Lewis's hand writing.

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