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some of them had given him all of their money in exchange. As for the rest, it was because they were cheaper.

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Why was Oskar Schindler arrested?

Oskar Schindler was arrested because he kissed a Jewish women and Jewish child

What did Schindler do to become famous?

During the Holocaust, Schindler did this by employing primarily Jewish workers to work in his factories, sparing them from certain death.He saved the lives of over 1,200 Jewish people by doing this, all to protect them from the Nazis (despite being one as well).

What was oskar schindler famous for?

For helping Jewish people.

What does the word sabbath means on the schindler's movie?

During the Holocaust, Oscar Schindler saved the lives of the Jewish people who worked for him in his factory. For Jews, the Sabbath (called "Shabbat" in Hebrew or "Shabbos" in Yiddish) is from Sundown Friday night to Sundown Saturday night. The sabbath is the day of rest, and Schindler allowed his Jewish workers to observe their sabbath.

What did oskar schindler risk to save Jewish lives?

His life.

How did Schindler save thousands of Jewish lives?

By employing them in his factory.

Who are the men schindler meets in the catholic church?

Jewish entrepreneur's.

Is the famous poker player Jake schindler Jewish?


Why was oskar schindler important?

He saved millions of Jewish peoples lives!

Why was osckar schindler good?

He save thousands of Jewish people from concentration camps.

Why did oscar schindler join the Nazi party?

Schindler joined the Nazi Party so that he could better help the Jewish people during their hard times. If he had not done so, the Nazi Party would have looked deeper into his employment records. Most of his employees were Jewish, and they relied on Schindler to protect them from the camps.

What did Oskar Schindler do to save Jewish people?

Schindler owned an enamel ware factory, was a spy, and belonged to the Nazi party. He needed work papers for his factory and issued papers to 1200 Jewish people so they could escape.

When was Jewish Socialist Workers Party created?

Jewish Socialist Workers Party was created in 1906.

When did Jewish Socialist Workers Party end?

Jewish Socialist Workers Party ended in 1917.

When did Independent Jewish Workers Party end?

Independent Jewish Workers Party ended in 1903.

When was Independent Jewish Workers Party created?

Independent Jewish Workers Party was created in 1901.

Was Oskar Schindler Jewish?

No. If he had been Jewish he would have been sent to a camp as a prisoner and would have been unable to save Jews from

How did Oskar Schindler become rich by taking advantage of Jewish citizens of krakow?

It was not taking advantage, it was an even deal: The Jews got to live, Schindler got their money and their labour.

When was United Jewish Socialist Workers Party created?

United Jewish Socialist Workers Party was created in 1917.

When did Oskar Schindler save the Jews?

Oscar Schindler saved the Jews because he saw what happened to the Jews with his very own eyes one day. As a a German he knew he could get in trouble for keeping Jews, but he found an excuse. Many of his workers were Jews, so when Nazis came over to take them away, he refused to let them go and would even fight for them. He also wanted 300 more Jews for his factory since he owned a big one and required a lot of help. By mistake, his workers were sent to the infamous concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau and almost killed there. Schindler marched himself over there forcing the Nazis to give his workers back and they did. Many of them were Jewish women and some brought there children along. There were only Jewish men, women and children. He was upset at first about the kids, but he knew he had to save them. His wife did not like Jews, but she took care of them. Schindler ended up saving over one-thousand Jews lives. Before he died, he wanted one thing. To have his body buried in Palestine(now Israel) which is the Jewish state declared in the year 1948. All of his Jewish workers visited his grave and thanked him with small gifts on his grave. He was one of the greatest heroes of the Holocaust.

Did Oskar Schindler have Jewish family?

Most unlikely. This is the very first time I've heard it suggested.

Did Oskar Schindler saves the lives of over 800 Jewish people during the Holocaust?

Over 1200

What was Hitler's view on Jewish people?

He thought they were nothing but ants he could crush. but if it wasn't for people like Oskar Schindler there would be no Jewish and we would be speaking German

Did anyone of the Jewish people that Oskar Schindler saved ever become Christians?

If there were, it was not very widespread. Anecdotal evidence we have from the "Schindlerjuden," the approximately 1100 Jews saved by Schindler, does not mention them as anything other than Jewish. After what they went through, they may not have been religious, but there is little evidence that they converted to Christianity.

Who is Oskar Schindler and did he save any Jewish lives?

-Oskar Schindler is a Catholic Nazi who saved the lives of over 1,100 Jews by employing them in his factory -His accountant is a Jew named Itzhak Stern -His wife is Emilie

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