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because there was no such thing

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What were the Central Asian warriors who conquered India in the sixteenth century called?


Where can you get Ignou solved assignment of FST in Hindi?

Compare the life styles and the level of scientific and technical knowhow of sixteenth century Europe and sixteenth century India. What are the reasons that keep India lagging behind the western countries in almost all areas related to development?

Role of science in development of India?

role of science in development of india

When and where did the Harappan civilization flourish?

it flourished from about 5000BC to400BC . it is in Punjab, India and northeast Pakistan

What has the author Marieli G Benziger written?

Marieli G. Benziger has written: 'Archbishop Benziger, Carmelite in India' -- subject(s): Biography, Bishops, Carmelites 'The sixteenth-century nobleman, St. Francis Xavier'

What exactly were the riches of India in the 19th century?

The riches of India in the 19th century was their spices.

What kind of religion were the India in the sixth century?

describe the conditions of india in sixth century

Who migrated from Persia to India in the eighth century?

Zoroastrians migrated from Persia to India in the 8th century.

How many indian languages has the bible been translated into?

The Bible has been translated into more than 50 of the Native American languages since the sixteenth century. It has also been translated into about nine of the languages of India as well.

What will India do to stay ahead in the game of science and technology?

India should improve in science and technology.

Who colonized India and when?

The British were the ones who colonized India. The colonial era started in the 17th century and the British colonized India in the 18th century.

Who edited the patriotic magazine 'india' in the beginning of 20th century?

who edited the patriotic magazine India in the beginning of 20th century

When did India culture flourish during the Gupta empire?

through indias remarkable trading system/ trade.

When did the medieval period began in India?

9th century or 10th century or 8th century or 18th century

Which new religion came to India in the eighth century?

Islam was introduced in India in the eighth century. The religion was originally introduced to India by traders from the Arabian Sea.

What was the reason that French could not succeed in India in the 18th century?

reason for which the french could not scceed in india in the 18th century

Who is responsible for the revival of Hinduism in 19th century in India?

Swami Vivekananda is responsible for the revival of Hinduism of 19th century India.

What should India do to stay ahead in the science and technology games?

india should not use the new system of science and technology..

How many Nobel Prize for science in India?

Including medicine in science, there have been six science Nobel Laureates from India. There are an additional three, non science, one each for Literature, Economics, and Peace.

When did parsee came in India?

PArsis came in India in 10th century

What is an anna?

An anna is a unit of currency in the former British India, equal to 12 pies, and one sixteenth of a rupee.

Can you get a MS degree from India?

Yes, you can get many science degrees, including medical science degrees, in some of the prestigous universities of India.

Is India the leading country with science in the world?

Science develops every moment, So, India may not be thveloping Science.e leading country with Science but it is on the runway of development with Science and taking a superb role in de

What has the author Kuzhippalli Skaria Mathew written?

Kuzhippalli Skaria Mathew has written: 'Portuguese and the Sultanate of Gujarat, 1500-1573' -- subject(s): Historians, Historiography, History, Sources 'Portuguese trade with India in the sixteenth century' -- subject(s): Commerce, History

Where does the word calico fabric come from?

Calico originated in India. From the city of Calicut, Kerala, India. Around the 11th century. Calico originated in India. From the city of Calicut, Kerala, India. Around the 11th century.

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