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The people who opposed the new Constitution of the United States were called Anti-Federalists. They believed that the new government under the Constitution did not emphasize liberty and would mean that the citizen's rights would be restricted. Many were concerned because there was no "Bill of Rights" included in the new Constitution. Some sort of "restriction" on the power of the national government was necessary. Many Anti-Federalists felt that protecting liberties could only succeed in a small republic in which the rulers were close to the people. Only a "confederation" of states could adequately protect citizen's liberties. The new government under the Constitution would take over the job of the states, would over tax the people, and the federal courts would overrule the state courts. Many also feared that the president would command a large standing army which could use force to uphold the laws of the national government at the expense of the state governments. MrV

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Q: Why did so many oppose the US Constitution?
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Why was the constitution apposed by so many?

i know the answer but i oppose answering this question!

Why did elizabeth cady Stanton oppose the 15th amendment to the US constitution?

well maybe so theU.S constitution will make a law so women can vote

Why did sam Adams oppose the constitution?

he believd that the constitution did not protect peoples rights as so the bill of rights did

How many changes are there to the constitution?

The US Constitution has had 27 Amendments so far.

Why did so many Americans oppose annexing Texas to the US?

It might start a war with mexico

How many amendments can be added to the US Constitution?

As many as needed, there is no limit. So far there are 27...

How many amendments have there been to the California constitution?

There are 27 amendments to the Constitution to date.That is how many amendments there are to the US Constitution but the truth is that every proposition that has been passed and put on the ballot to vote on is an amendment so there have been many but it is my understanding there are somewhere around 600 so far.

What is the constitutional monarchy in the US?

The last time the US had a monarch was on July3, 1776. But before that date, there was no constitution. So the US had a monarch at one time with no constitution, then the US had a constitution but no monarch.

What are the zaptistas oppose do they oppose?

I think so

Why did Prohibition not succeed even when it became part of the US Constitution?

Because so many millions of people opposed it. The Constitution can't enforce itself.

Why has the us constitution lasted for so long?

Because the Constitution and the 27 amendments are so full of simplicity

How many Amendments are there to the US Constitution why it necessary to amend it?

there r 27 and its important to amend them so they can be remembered

What section is the Bill of Rights in the US Constitution?

The Bill of Rights is not a section of the US Constitution. It is the first ten amendments to the Constitution, so it follows the last section.

How can the 1992 constitution be ameneded?

We need more information- the Constitution of WHAT country? The US Constitution was not written in 1992, so help us out a bit here, would you?

Is it true the absence of a bill of rights was cause for many people to oppose ratification of the constitution?

Yes, originally people didn't want to ratify the constitution because it didn't have a list of rights for American citizens. So they added the first ten amendments: The bill of rights.

Why was it necessary to create the US Constitution?

The Constitution has the laws and rules so yes it was very necessary to create the constitution.

Why were the framers of the US Constitution so important?

the framers of the us constitution were so important because without them we wouldn't have a us constitution today and that would set off any boundaries that were supposed to have been followed giving us to much freedom which could be dangerous

Why did The US Constitution develop?

So they can grow crops

Do you need to be US born to be President of the US?

Yes it says so in the constitution

Would a two party system have developed in the US with the adoption of the constitution?

A two party system did develop in the US. The US did adopt the constitution. So the answer is yes.

The plan of government the US used before the Constitution?

Before the Constitution the US used the Articles of Confederation. These were very weak and so delegates met to revise them. From there came the Constitution.

Why did so many Americans oppose us involvement in Vietnam?

Because of the media attention and the my lai massacre,also there were images such as buddhist monks burning themselves in protest.

Why did so many people eventually oppose the Mexican War?

They grown to oppose the war because there was a great deal of suffering involved and they were worried about slavery.

What does it mean to be an American citizen in view of the history of rights and the Federal Constitution of US?

The US constitution confers no rights to Americans as citizens. It does however, do so for US citizens.

How many senators in US Constitution?

Each state gets two so there is no limit on how many there can be, it is only limited by how many states we have. So when the country was founded we had 26 Senators and today we have 100.

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