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Enlisting After Pearl HarborTheir country was at war.

Patriotism, a simple explanation for some, a more complicated one for others.

The issue of whether or not to join the European conflict was a very controversial topic in the US, Pearl Harbor was all that was needed to end the debate.

The USA had been attached and they wanted to fight back. They were defending there country after a sneaky surprise attack that killed many Americans

Really Crying for Dead Servicemen.Then they are really want to revenge For dead man.after that.Franklin D.Roosevelt Rush to Allied Head quarter at London.England To join allied

After Pearl Harbor was attacked and the report that thousands of Americans died as a result, joining the army was one avenue that they could follow through on in retaliation. Killing fellow Americans was unacceptable and the world was about to find that out.

they were patriotic, most joined the war because they wanted to get back at the Japanese for bombing pearl harbour.

Americans enlisted to seek revenge. The President declared war and many responded with patriotism to fight for their country.

AnswerIt was viewed as a patriotic duty.
It was viewed as a patriotic duty.
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Q: Why did so many young Americans enlist in the US military after Pearl Harbor?
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How many personol killed in Pearl Harbor?

2,403 Americans were killed at Pearl Harbor - 68 civilian, 2,335 military.

Why did the Americans set up a military base at pearl harbor?

Strategic location.

Is Pearl Harbor a military base?

Yes, Pearl Harbor is military base in Honolulu Hawaii.

How many Americans were wounded at Pearl Harbor?

1,178 wounded, this is civilians & military.

What caused attack on Pearl Harbor?

The Americans caused attack on Pearl Harbor.

Destoryed Pearl Harbor?

The Japanese bombed us, the Americans at Pearl Harbor.

What did Americans destroy the attack of Pearl Harbor?

Americans did not destroy anything in Pearl Harbor, aside from Japanese aircraft in self-defense. The USA was the victim of the Pearl Harbor attacks.

How is the attack on Pearl Harbor Historical Fiction?

No, Pearl Harbor was how the Americans got into WWII.

What branches of the military were involved in the attack on Pearl Harbor?

Pearl Harbor was attacked by the combined efforts of air and sea military units.

How many Americans died during the attack on Pearl Harbor?

there were 2, 403 Americans who died in pearl harbor210,000

How many Americans volunteered for military service in the weeks following the attacks on Pearl Harbor?

See website: WW2

Do you have to be in the military to visit Pearl Harbor?


Who were the Americans who fought in Pearl Harbor?

U.S. Sailors, soldiers and marines fought at Pearl Harbor.

Why was the US involved in war after the attack of Pearl Harbor?

the Americans were mad that the pearl harbor was bombed

Why were Americans surprised at pearl harbor?

Pearl Harbor was a military base which was attacked on December 7, 1941 by the Japanese. It was a surprise because it came very early on a Sunday morning, when the soldiers were still in bed.

What President to be was the first member of congress to enlist following Pearl Harbor?

Lyndon Johnson.

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Who were the people in the bombing of Pearl Harbor?

The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and the United States Military was attacked.

How did the battle of Pearl Harbor affect our military today?

It effected our military dramasicly. We lost world war 2 only because of Pearl Harbor.

How many military persons on duty during the attack on Pearl Harbor?

See website: Attack on Pearl Harbor

Was Pearl Harbor a secret military base for the US?

Np, Pearl Harbor was a will known Pacific Naval Base.

Did the Americans use the atomic bomb as revenge for Pearl Harbor?

The atom bomb was not dropped in revenge for Pearl Harbor. The atom bombs were dropped to motivate the Japanese populous to demand the Emperor and the military leaders to stop the war.

Who attacked the Americans in pearl harbor?

The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour.

How were the Americans drawn into world war ii?

Japan bombing Pearl Harbor

How does Pearl Harbor portray the Americans?

As the underdogs.