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Many had grown up in the relative isolation of reservation life and lacked an adequate command of the English language. They had to take remedial language courses before enlistment.

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Q: Why did some Navajo volunteers have difficulty in gaining admission to the USMC?
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Why did some Navajo volunteers have difficulty gaining admission to the USMC?

The problem was that while they met every other standard for admission, many were not fluent in the English language. They had grown up in the isolation of the reservation and had little exposure to formal education. Most were required to take remedial classes in English before they could become code talkers.

Were the Navajo code talkers drafted?

Some Navajo were drafted but the Code Talkers were volunteers.

What colleges allow Native Americans free admission?

i don't think any, but if you find me let me know. i could totally pass for Navajo or something.

What were Navajo speakers who transmitted secret tactical messages during world War 2 called?

They were called "wind talkers" or simply code talkers. They took advantage of the fact that Navajo was a spoken language that practically no one outside the tribe was fluent in. Messages sent in Navajo or other language codes presented another level of difficulty to anyone trying to break the code.

What is the proper adjective for Navajo?

The proper adjective form for Navajo is Navajo, as in Navajo Nation, Navajo people, Navajo history, Navajo art, etc. An example sentence: We visited the Navajo display at the museum to see the Navajo jewelry.

How do you say I'm sorry in Navajo?

There is no word for sorry in Navajo.

What is Navajo traditional language?

In English is is called Navajo, In Navajo is it called Diné bizaad. There are over 300,000 Navajo, about 175,000- 200,000 speak Navajo.

What did the Americans call the Navajo?


How do you say Navajo in Navajo?

There are two ways you can say "Navajo" in Navajo. Dinémeans "The People" in Navajo. The Navajo call themselves "Diné". Nabeehó is another way of saying Navajo.

What was the name of the US policy that removed Navajos from their homelands for the Navajo long walk?

There is not really a name for it other than the Navajo Wars. The American Army assumed nominal control over the Southwest in 1846. They did not actually control the territory nor had the Mexicans or the Spanish before them. Starting with the Bear Springs treaty of Nov 21 1846, there were a series of escalating conflicts between the US, the New Mexico Spanish now under US control, the new American settlers coming in and the Navajo and the Pueblo peoples of the Rio Grande. The first real American attack was August 16, 1849 when Col. John Washington, the military governor of New Mexico entered Navajo lands with 1000 infantry (US and New Mexican volunteers), hundreds of horses and mules, a supply train, 55 Pueblo scouts, and four artillery guns. On August 29–30, 1849, Washington's men began pillaging Navajo cornfields. Mounted Navajo warriors tried to push them off. Col. Washington thought he could pillage Navajo crops because the Navajo would have to reimburse the U.S. government for the cost of the expedition. It went down hill form there. There were a number of "treaties" but there was no Navajo who could actually speak for all others of force anyone to comply. Navajo culture and leadership does not work that way. The army continued to break treaties and attack. The Navajo continued raids for livestock and retaliation. The New Mexicans wanted the land. The pueblo people wanted to be defended. in 1860 400 New Mexicans under Manuel Antonio Chaves formed a militia and raid Navajo land, followed by independent raids by citizens to take captives. Also that year the Navajo forced the Americans out of Fort Defiance area. They raided Santa Fe area for sheep .In 1861 an incident with cheating at a horse race ended in a killing of Navajos..Then the Civil War started. With the Confederates coming the army was distracted and the Navajo increased their raids. In 1862 it was said the Navajo stole 30,000 sheep. The Colorado Volunteers and New Mexico militia forced the Confederates back to Texas. General Carleton arrived with the California Volunteers but the battles were over. He turned to attacking the Navajo. He told them that everyone had to surrender by July 20 1863. When of course they did not he ordered Kit Carson to begin a scorched earth campaign against them. Between September 1863 and January 1864, Carson and his men chased and killed the Navajo Crops were burned, stock was confiscated, hogans were burned. Without food or shelter in the snowy high altitude winters the Navajo began to surrender in 1864. They were forced to walk 300 miles or more over 18 days in many different groups.There were about 50 different groups and about 7 different routes. By 1865 9,022 were at Bosque Redondo. 200 or more people died on the way. In the camps between 1865 and 1868 about half died from disease and hunger and Comanche raiding. Corruption by the soldiers was rampant. It was a scandal. As a result the Navajo were allowed to return to a portion of their homelands. today there are 300,000 enrolled Navajo members. The Navajo Nation is about 27,000 sq miles. It is about the same size as Holland and Belgium combined. The majority of Navajo still speak Navajo language.

Is the plural still Navajo or is it Navajos?

It's still Navajo, or "Navajo Nation"

Who made the Navajo clothing?

Navajo clothing was fashioned and made by the Navajo females

Is Navajo supposed to be capitalized?

Yes, it is capitalized and it is not Navajo Indians. It is Navajo people.

How do you say Navajo nation in Navajo?

you say Navajo nation in dinee bizad.

What does the word Danae mean in the Navajo language?

a navajo

How do you say children in Navajo?

Children in Navajo is: áłchíní

What has the author Gary Witherspoon written?

Gary Witherspoon has written: 'Navajo kinship and marriage' -- subject(s): Navajo Indians, Marriage customs and rites, Kinship 'Language and art in the Navajo universe' -- subject(s): Navajo art, Navajo language, Navajo philosophy 'Navajo Kinship and Marriage'

Is Navajo in Arizona?

The Navajo Nation is in Arizona, New Mexico and Utah. It is 27,000 square miles. The majority of the 300,000 Navajo people live on or near the Navajo Nation.

What are the proper adjectives for Boston and Navajo?

Bostonian and Navajo are the proper adjectives for Boston and Navajo.

How you say me too in Navajo?


What languages did Navajo speak?

They spoke Navajo.

Is it Navajo Dress or Navajo dress?


What did the Navajo Indians come from?

From their Navajo parents.

What are the language Navajo Indians spoke?


What is the Navajo?

The Navajo is a Native Indian tribe