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Who does pericles believe holds power in Athens?

Pericles believed that the power of Athens was in the demos, the free common people of Athens. That did not include foreigners, women, or slaves. At this time, the military of Athens was entirely lower class people, and Pericles wanted Athenian citizen to raise up to defend the state.

Why do you think some people in Athens might have objected to the title of first citizen for pericles?

As a direct democracy, no citizen was supposed to be above any other. However Pericles had a way of swaying the majority and more often than not got away with it. His political opponents were not impressed and tried every avenue to pull him down, attacking his friends and girlfriend for various malpractices and self-interest.

What type of government was Pericles?

Pericles was not a democracy. Pericles was a statesman in Athens and was considered today as a general. Pericles did not make Democracy. The people of Greece did.

Why did Pericles rebuild Athens?

Pericles rebuilt Athens to improve the city and the people that resided. The rebuilding of Athens showed to others that it was a powerful and beautiful city, plus gave work to the Athenians.

When did Pericles rule Athens?

Pericles did not rule Athens - it was a democracy so the people ruled - attending assemblies every couple of weeks to vote on legislation. Pericles was effectively First Citizen, that is he wielded a lot of influence, but not so much that he had to orchestrate the exile of Thucydides son of Melesias who had organised a political party (first one on record) to oppose him in the assembly. Pericles' influence began in the 450s BCE, and ended with his death in 429 BCE.

What were Pericles goals for Athens?

The three goals for Athens were to strengthen the democracy, make it more beautiful and protect the people

Athenian leader who led the people of Athens?

Pericles (495 BC - 429 BC). He was a statesman and general in Athens. During his time Athens gained a lot of fame, This period in time is known as the Golden Age or the Age of Pericles.

Was Pericles famous for tyrant of Athens?

Pericles was not a tyrant. Athens was a radical democracy and Pericles was variously a magistrate and general but had to justify his actions to the popular Assembly. He gained ascendency by arranging the banishment of his main political opponent Thucydides son of Melesias, but preferred to think of himself as 'first citizen' and had to influence his people by persuasion. His influence was, unfortunately too great, and led his people into a disastrous war imagining that Athens could use its empire to dominate the Greek world. He died of the plague before seeing the catastrophe that this war brought to the Greek world in general and Athens in particular.

Why did the people of Athens consider Aristotle an outsider?

He was a Macedonian and not a citizen of Athens.

What did Pericles do?

He brought democracy to Athenians. The democracy of Athens gave power to the people and the laws of Athens gives equal justice for all.

What was a higlight of Pericles' rule?

The fact that he did not 'rule'. He promoted democracy, and his ascendance as First Citizen occurred by his ability to give a lead, select beneficial courses of action for Athens and its people, and his persuasive ability.

Who was the leader of Athens during its Golden Age?

The Golden Age of Athens had a lasting affect on the people of Athens and neighboring societies. The ruler during this important time period was Pericles.

Who could be a citizen in Athens?

considering we're learning about Athens in school, people whos parents were born in Athens could be a citizen, however, women, foreigners, and slaves could not be citizens.

What is a system of government in which a large number of people take part in daily affairs?

in athens, who could ba a citizen? in athens, who could ba a citizen?

Statesman who ruled Athens during it's golden age?

When people talk about Athens' Golden Age they usually mean the reign of Pericles. Athens golden age really begins around the time of Themistocles, and comes to an end around Pericles' reign - but people do so love labels.Another View:Athens was ruled by the popular assembly - all male citizensPericles was 'First Citizen' who was influential with the citizens, but he did not rule - the assembly met each fortnight and decided on policy issues. In between, a council of 500 was charged with carrying out these decisions and conducting administrative duties. Of the 500, ten percent was on 24 hour duty in rotation to handle immediate problems.

Are the Persians and the Pericles the same thing?

The Persians were a people from today's Iran who formed a large empire in Asia and north Africa. Pericles was a general and politician in the city-state of Athens.

What were Pericles three goals for Athens?

to strengthen the democracy, to consolidate the empire and make it more beautiful and to protect the people :)

What government in Athens made people the most happy?

The golden age of Greece was under Pericles who was an enlightened dictator.

What action did the Athenian government take against Pericles?

The reality was that Pericles steered Athens into a radical democracy where the people met in assembly and made the decisions. They were the government. Between fortnightly assembly meetings, an elected council of 50 carried out the decisions of the assembly. Pericles called himself 'First Citizen' and had to persuade the people in assembly to approve any proposals he put forward. Others also put forward proposals to the assembly in parallel of competition. Pericles won some, lost some. He did not rule. That's what the democracy was all about - demos = people kratos = power - people power.

Why did Pericles call Athens the school of all Greece?

Because Pericles thought Athens was better than all the other city states in Greece. he helped found many school and he even founded his own school.

How did Pericles die during the Peloponnesian War?

Of the plague which swept Athens when the people had to evacuate the countryside and crowd into the city walls.

In ancient Athen who could be a citizen?

the people that were born in Athens and was concidred an athiean

Who was not allowed to be a citizen in Athens?

People who could not prove to their tribe their Athenian descent.

How long did Pericles rule?

Pericles did not rule - Athens was a direct democracy, with the people assembling every couple of weeks to make laws and gice direction to a large executive council of 500. Pericles was a general (there were 10 of them - one elected by each tribe), however as a good orator, he was able to influence the popular assembly. He is better described as First Citizen. His influence lasted from about 450 BCE until hi death in 429 BCE.

What happened to Athens after Pericles' death?

Pericles had guided Athens into a war with the Peloponnesian League which was led by Sparta. He was confident that the walls of Athens and its superior navy, financed by the empire which Athens had created, would prevail. Two years later Pericles died of a plague which engulfed the Athenians penned up in an unhealthy environment within the city walls. Subsequent populist leaders led the people into risky deviations from his plan, and after another disastrous 25 years of war, Athens surrendered and was stripped of its empire, becoming a second class power.