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because Vickie is a dumb and took it from him to possibly give to edge

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Did Shawn lose to taker on WrestleMania 26?

Yes he did, on the third Tombstone piledriver he couldn't stand up anymore it was a GREAT MATCH although I didn't wanted HBK nor Taker to lose, too bad there was no way for that

Will under taker lose his streak?

yes when he fight vs john cena at wrestmania

Who going to win wrestlemaina 24?

orton will win the wwe title taker will be 16-0

What are the results to the WWE ppv TLC 2009?

john cena will win the wwe championshipunder taker will regain his world titlechristian will regain his ecw title.

Looking for the correct song title this is a letter to mommy and daddy by Barbara Lynn?

The real song title is "You'll Lose A Good Thing." The real song title is "You'll Lose A Good Thing." The real song title is "You'll Lose A Good Thing."

What is the undertakers record vs hulk hogan?

The Undertaker beat Hogan for the WWF title in 1991. Hogan then got the title back 6 days after Taker beat him. Right now its 1 - 1. In Judgement day 2002, Taker beat Hogan for the undisputed championship. Taker:2 Hogan:1 Thats all the matches I remember. There might've been another one but I'm not sure.

Is John Adams a risk-taker?

Was john adams a risk taker

Has the undertaker ever tapped?

There is one occasion that I know of. Leading up to Vengeance 2002, Taker and Kurt Angle faced each other on Smackdown for the undisputed title. Taker went for the Last Ride but Angle reversed it into a triangle choke. Taker still managed to hit the manuever but Angle didn't let go, leading to Angle being pinned and Taker submitting simultaneously, with the match ending as a no-contest.

When will cm punk lose world title?


Who was the youngest to lose heavweight title?

Rondera Lindler

When was Cesar Chavez a risk-taker?

He was a risk taker from 1958~1993 (google it if you dont believe me)

Who will win world hevi weight at WrestleMania 26?

Taker is meant to have a long title reign this time, so I think he will retain it at Wrestlemania

When will cm punk lose his WWE title and from whom?

yes,he will lose his wwe title at royal rumble from the rock. John cena will win the royal rumble match and win the wwe title from rock at wrestlmania 29.

What do you do if you lose your car title?

In CA if you lose your title certificate you can fill out DMV form reg 227 and pay the $18.00 fee and they will process request. If the title was never recieved then you can apply for a new title at no cost. You should see the new title in 2 to 4 weeks. Vehicle Registration Wizards

What paperview event did john cena lose his WWE title in 2007?

John Cena didnt lose his title in 2007 he had to relinquish it due to injuring his left pectorial muscle

Will Jeff hardy lose his title?

well Jeff hardy was attacked by fireworks on Jan.16,2009 but if he comes back he might lose his title in the Royal Rumble. That is what Edge thinks.

Was Samuel Adams a risk taker or cautious?

He was a risk taker. :]

What is the original name of under taker?

under taker cane

What is another word for bet taker?

gambler or risk taker

Was Cleopatra a risk taker?

she was a very sucessful risk taker

Will the undertaker ever wrestle in a hell in a cell match again?

It is unknown whether `Taker will wrestle HIAC again. These matches are usually used in high profile matches such as The McMahons or World Title Matches. As the McMahons are on currently on RAW and `Taker is fighting for the US Title, it is unlikely that he will appear in a HIAC again. Although this is calculated guessing and is not to be taken, as anything can happen in the business.

What is the Importance of being a risk taker?

Importance of being a risk taker?"

Was Thomas Jefferson a risk-taker or a cautious?

He was a risk-taker

Why should bribe taker be not punished?

The bribe taker should be punished.

What is the duration of The Census Taker?

The duration of The Census Taker is 1.58 hours.

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