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It was one of the last places prior to invading the main islands of Japan. They Japanese defense was strong and took a lot of effort and men to overcome it. If the US had to invade the main islands, there would have been tens of thousands of casualties. ========= The battle for Okinawa was different from other battles with Japan in that there was a significant civilian population on Okinawa. There were reports of many civilians committing suicide in the midst of the battle. American forces 'believed Okinawa was a foretaste of an invasion of Japan' due to the prescence of civilian populations and didn't want to percipitate civilian suicides. Atomic bombs unfortunateky had the same effect but at least the war was bought to a much faster end and overall much fewer deaths on both sides. Estimates are that many hundreds of thousands of lives were saved by bringing the war to a faster end.

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What island did allies catch in order to have a launching base for an invasion on japan?


When did allies capture Okinawa?

the allies captured Okinawa in June of 1945

The allies wanted the Germans to believe the invasion was to take place at where rather than Normandy?

The allies wanted the Germans to believe the invasion was to take place across the shortest channel crossing to Calais, France.

The Allies wanted the Germans to believe the invasion was to take place at?


Did the allies win the Battle of Okinawa?


Okinawa and lwo Jima were taken by the allies in what year?


What battle brought the Allies closest to japan?

The battle for Okinawa .

Why were the victories on Iwo Jima and okinawa so vital to the allies?

These two battles in the Pacific brought the Allies that much closer to the island-nation of Japan . Iwo Jima and Okinawa both had airfields enabling the Allies to easily bomb Japan .

The Allies wanted the Germans to believe the invasion was to take place at rather than at Normandy?


How did the Allies react to Germany's invasion of Poland?

Germany instigated World War 2 through the invasion of Poland. The Allies' reaction to the invasion was to declare war.

What was the result of the d-day invasion?

The result to the invasion was that it successfully gave the Allies a foothold on Nazi occupied France. The Germans were forced to retreat in a matter of hours. However the cost of Allied lives was high at around 2,500. It was not nearly as many as the losses in the Pacific. Taking the islands such as Okinawa, over 12,000 Americans were killed. The Death Day invasion accomplished its task of starting the Allies push against the Nazi superpower and not long after the Allies were able to regain control of much of the land the Nazis had taken and later overall helped end the war.

Why was the invasion of Normandy a good idea?

Yes, the invasion of Normandy was a good idea because the Allies needed to invade Europe to aid there French allies.

What body of water did the allies cross during the d-day invasion?

The Allies crossed the English Channel to carry out the D-Day invasion

What did the invasion of Normandy allow allies to do?

The invasion of Normandy, or D-Day, allowed the allies to get control of the coast of France. This allowed Allies to get a direct path to Germany, and potentially eliminate the dictator, Adolf Hitler.

What were the effects of the d-day invasion?

The effects of the d-day invasion gave the allies the upper hand over the Axis and the allies recaptured France.

What was the purpose for the invasion during World War 2?

Be more specific. The German invasion of their neighbors or the Allies invasion of Germany.

How did the allies try to conceal the true location for the normality day landings?

the Allies had a double agent that the Germans thought was loyal to hitler. the double agent cause the German to believe the invasion was to be mounted at the Pata Calsis region in France. But the actual invasion was at Normandy, France, on 6 June 1944

Why was it important for the allies to take control of islands like okinawa and Iwo Jima in the pacific?

becuase they had to?

When did the allies stage the D-Day invasion?

no, but they supplied false info about the date of the invasion

Where did allied forces begin their invasion of Europe?

The Allies began their invasion of mainland Europe at Normandy.

Where did allies land their invasion forces in France?


Who helped the Allies with the invasion of the western front?


What country did the allies launch their invasion of Normandy?


How did the battle of Okinawa contribute the the allies victory in World War 2?

The atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki caused Japan to surrender just weeks after the end of the fighting at Okinawa.

When was the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia?

The invasion of Czechoslovakia by Soviet and its allies in the Warsaw Pact was in August 20, 1968,