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Why did the Allies win World War 2?


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April 16, 2014 11:59PM

The Allies (United Kingdom, United States, Soviet Union, France, Poland, Republic of China, etc.) won because of several major reasons including.....

In Europe

- Germany and Italy tried to expand their empire too much, in North Africa, due to bad morale and Strategy The British And its colonies were able to repel the Axis at the Siege of Malta, Second Battle of El Alamein which was the Turning point in Africa, and the Battle of Britain which stopped the German advance into the west, the Germans and Italians were repelled from the Middle east by the British forces, and the Siege of Stalingrad which turned out disastrous for the Germans and stopped their advance into the east.

- German U-Boats attacked British merchant ships which proved effective at first until the British navy and merchant ships devised new ways of transport and defense of the merchant ships

- Germany and Italy was under constant bombardment by mainly the RAF and occasionally the US air force by the time of 1944 90% of German cities were destroyed.

In the Pacific

- The Empire of Japan underestimated the United States ability to make war in the Pacific.

- The Japanese defeat at the battle of the midway proved decisive for the American navy and turned the tide of naval warfare in the pacific

- The Japanese army lacked the resources to continue warfare and the British in Burma were decisively pushing the Japanese in Burma Back killing some 400.000 Japanese soldiers on their path, the US Army was capturing Island after Island getting ever closer to mainland Japan.

-The Chinese, Russians, And British were Liberating parts of China occupied by the Japanese.

For Both

- The Axis Powers were out numbered and out thought . While the Allies were poring more and more Troops into the war, the Axis were loosing ground and resources very quickly. The Germans were virtually surrounded in Europe and blockaded by the British, and the Russians coming in from the east killing 50% of the German army in the war, the Allies landing in Normandy rapidly Liberating France. And the Allies Steaming through Italy.


Japan lost because it fought on three large scale fronts (China, India, and the pacific).

Germany had some advanced technology. their tiger tank was basically a moving anti-tank gun. they lost because they invaded Russia, and they were horribly equipped for winter warfare, and had summer equipment when they invaded Russia. Why? Because Hitler thought they would fall before winter.

The Soviets played a key role in keeping the Germans occupied and taking Poland while the other allies liberated Paris. In the end, Russia invaded Berlin ended the war in Europe. (VE day)