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Robert E. Lee's estate was confiscated during the Civil War and used as a military cemetery.

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When did Arlington cemetery become a cemetery?


How did Arlington national cemetery become to be a symbol of America?


When did the Arlington national cemetery become important?

airmen's home in washington,dc

How did Arlington cemetery become a cemetery?

Because it was a big Field and I think it was I good idea too.

When did Arlington become a cemetery?

During the US Civil War.

Whos childhood home is located at Arlington national cemetery?

Arlington House, was the childhood home of Mary Anna Randolph Custis. She would later become the wife of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. See the link below.

What did Gettysburg become after the battle?

A Military Cemetery

When did the congressinal cemetery become a natinal landmark?

in 1453

What did the battlefield of Gettysburg become shortly after the final shots were fired?

A Cemetery

What are facts William h.taft?

William Howard Taft was the largest US President, weighing in at over 300 pounds. He is the only President who went on to become Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. He is the first of only two Presidents to be buried in Arlington National Cemetery (the other is JFK).

How many people live in Brook Farm MA?

None. Since bankruptcy proceedings were completed in 1847, it has become a cemetery. The farm was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1965.

How did Arlington national cemetery become a landmark?

It began as the Robert E Lee plantation, but when he left to command the confederate army the government stated he owed 99.00 in back taxes. He couldn't return to pay it , so they took the plantation as payment for the taxes. The union began to bury the civil war dead soon after.

What year did shilo battle field become a national park?

Shiloh National Military Park was established in 1894 as part of the War Department. Its administration was transferred to the National Parks Service in 1933. The adjacent national cemetery was established 1866, and the two were merged in 1943.

Has President Obama reserved a burial space in Arlington National Cemetery when He dies after service as a President born in Kenya?

All US Presidents have the right to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery. The particular space is not reserved; rather it is determined at the time of death. By the way, only a person born as a US Citizen can become president. Born in Hawaii and as a child of a US Citizen, Mr Obama is qualified. There is documented proof, physically shown to the public that president Obama was born in Hawaii, US. But some Tea Party politicians and of course Donald Trump still try to make political mileage out of publicly doubting it. Whether or not he has already reserved a grave site anywhere is unknown; often decisions like these are only taken at the last moment, and Obama still is relatively young and healthy.

How did george washingtons kids die?

George and Martha Washington didn't have any children. When he married Martha she was a wealthy widow with children. There is a theory he may have had a child with a slave, but that hasn't been proven. The boy was either his or his brothers and is buried at Mt. Vernon. An interesting fact is that Martha's grand daughter married a man by the name of Robert E. Lee and built a plantation house in Arlington, VA ( this will become the national cemetery due to Lee owing taxes on the property) that is modeled after Mt. Vernon.

When did Arlington TX become a city?

The Arlington area was founded in the 1840s, but wasn't officially founded until 1876.

When do Catholics become Catholic?

A person is a Catholic from the minute that he is born, if he is born into a Catholic family, or when he first starts studying for Baptism. An adult in RCIA (the program for adult converts) would be buried in a Catholic cemetery if he died before Baptism.

Was there a cemetery firebaugh?

There was and is a Firebaugh cemetery in California. The genealogy of Firebaugh begins with the original last name Feuerbach. Two members of the Firebaugh clan(Herbert Roy Firebaugh and Lila Firebaugh O'Connor) have provided extensive free information about the family on line for family members or other interested parties go to . The Feuerbach castle built near Stuttgart Germany around 900 AD was still occupied by the family until driven out by Frederick the Great in the 1730s. German embassy states that Feuerbachs can register again the Title of Count if willing to become German citizens. More on the cemetery - and other Firebaugh achievements: Built first wagon road over the Pacheco Pass. Started first secondary school in California.

President Nixon declared Memorial Day a federal holiday on what date?

President Richard Milhous Nixon did not declare Memorial Day to be a federal holiday. Decoration Day (the original name for Memorial Day) was officially declared by General John Alexander Logan, a Union general during the US Civil War and who was the national commander of the Grand Army of the Republic (a fraternal organization of veterans), on May 5 1868. It was first observed on May 30, 1868 at Arlington National Cemetery. The name Memorial Day was first used in 1882 but it did not become the official name until President Lyndon Baines Johnson signed the legislation changing "Decoration Day" to "Memorial Day" in May of 1967.

When did Memorial Day become established?

Memorial Day was first called Decoration Day. It was to honor the Union & Confederate soldiers who died during the US Civil War. The first commemoration took place on May 30, 1868 at Arlington National Cemetery when the graves of those war dead were decorated with flowers. It was not until after World War I that Decoration Day became a time to honor US military persons who had died in all wars and military actions in which the United States had been involved. The name Decoration Day was officially changed to Memorial Day in 1967 when President Lyndon Banes Johnson signed that legislation.

Is there a school in Arlington,Texas that I can take classes to become a licensed massage therapist?

The North Texas School of Massage is located near Arlington. Here's their link:

What was Robert E. Lee famous for?

Robert E. Lee became commander of Confederate forces when the civil war started. He was number one in his academy class, had been considered a rising union officer, and was in command of the Union forces at Harper's Ferry. When the war started he went with the Confederate troops because his home state of VA was confederate. He was also married to the great grand daughter of George Washington. During the war his plantation became Arlington National cemetery for 92.00 in back taxes. The first of the Union dead were buried in his front yard. He is considered a major figure in American history. He was number two in his class, and he did not become the commander until Johnston was wounded in 1862.

What did the Tuck Everlasting epilogue say?

Many years later, the Tuck family returns to Winnie's town to see what has become of her. They find her buried in the town cemetery. She married, had children, and lived a long life. Although Jesse is sad he and Winnie will not be together now, they are all proud of her for making the choice to live a natural life.

Why did Rocky Mountain in Colorado become a National Park?

because it was just a good park to become national

When did glacier national park become a national park?