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Why did the Armies fight the First World War 1n trenches?

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To hide from the people we were against!

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To fight in the First World War or similar. To fight in the First World War or similar.

Americans fought in trenches in several wars, but mostly in World War 1.

During WW1, the armies fought in trenches about 8-9 feet deep. These trenches protected the men from gunfire and other harms. With the invention of new technologies like gas, tanks, airplanes, and the machine gun rendered open-field fighting useless, so they had to fight in said trenches.

Reserve trenches were used as supplies for the trenches out the front. In world war one, they had come up with a technique of hiding in trenches before they fight. To do this properly, they had made them zig-zags. The trenches on the front line were where the soldiers would fight from. Reserve trenches were used in case these people had anything happen to them and they needed to use more trenches and more men. Throughout the war, the conditions of the front line trenches became worse as the communication and reserve trenches improved. I hope that helped :)

That's when machine guns were first used in large numbers. Anyone above ground was quickly dead.

the English dug out the trenches and fought in them to stop the German army from invading France they needed a way but the only way they could think off was the trenches.

It caused WW1 to be different from any war before by caused more casualties and forced soldiers to fight from trenches, it also made the cavalry charge obsolete and prompted armies to build tanks

It fights in World War 1 in the trenches

countries need armies to protect it and fight for it !!

The trenches provided cover and concealment for the forces fighting in them, as well as a route to move personnel and supplies which was below the enemy's line of fire.

It had to fight against enemies on both sides of Germany. had split armies that had to fight on two fronts.

Trench warfare began use in World War 1. In the early 1900's.

well in them days it was very tough and in the trenches they could get diseases from rats, mice and many other animals carrying disease. The trenches were the most common time for attack. also this is where they clean all their weapons and get ready to fight!

They would make weapons, but they wouldn't go and fight in the trenches

The first aeroplanes of world war one were not used to fight they were simply used to observe enemy trenches, but planes soon become fighter planes when machine guns were added to the plane, also in world war 1 they could reach speeds of 100mph.

During World War I, many soldiers had to fight in the trenches. These were unhygienic, deadly, cramped, and frightening. In almost every account, soldiers talk about their initial feelings of fear upon arriving in the trenches, and how that anxiety lasted throughout the war, and sometimes beyond.

Well i think Germany had armies before World War 1 started. So Germany had armies and so did England. England had armies because we had to fight against Germany and win the war. But the Germans lost the war and the English won the war. And the Germans had to die in vain, because they lost the war.

They were part of the Soviet Union and did send their armies to fight along side all other soviet countries and also supplied the soviet armies with resources.

armies rick rolled each other until one died!!

War is when at least 2 armies fight.

in sewers in your top ceiling they can live in different places under your house,in your house, in buildings,and in war world I they had trenches to fight in and there was rats and mice in the trenches and the marines had to stay there with them for days, weeks, months, years.

they fought in Germany and England in loads of random things like trenches and they had loads of air strikes and everybody died. the end.

Yes, American land forces fought on the western front where trench warfare dominated.

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