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If the Aztecs did have a wall around Tenochtitlan, it was for protection from invaders. They needed to feel safer and less vunerable, so they built a wall.

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Q: Why did the Aztecs have a wall around their city?
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What did Aztecs great city contain?

the scull wall and the sacrafice tower

Why did Sparta not have a wall around its city?

They did man they had a NATURAL WALL

What purpose did a wall around a city have?

It protected the city from invaders.

When did the Aztecs build tenochtitlan?

The Aztec built their city around 1325 AD

How did the Aztecs get around?

the Aztecs got around by foot or canoe

How do the Aztecs get around?

The Aztecs got around by walking and running.

Did Rome have a wall around its city?

Yes, Yes it did

What runs around the city but never moves?

A wall

What did the Aztecs use to get around?

To get around the Aztecs used boats an walked

What city in north America has a wall built all around it?

Quebec City

Where did the Aztecs originate?

The Aztecs originate from central Mexico. Their main city (island) is now where Mexico City is.

Who were the Aztecs honoring when they built their city?

The Aztecs were honoring the gods and the sun.

Which city has wall around it?

In Sparta, none The city had no walls, and called its soldiers their walls.

How did Sumerians protect there city states?

They Built a wall around thier city-state

What was the purpose of the wall around a city-state?

The wall was around the city itself, not the agricultural land as well. In the event of invasion the people could retire inside the walls and defend them.

On which lake did the Aztecs build there capital city?

The Aztecs capital city, Tenochititan, was built over Texcoco Lake.

What city was built by the Aztecs in the 1300's?

The city built in during that time by the Aztecs, was called Tenochtitla'n

Which lake did the Aztecs build their capital city?

The Aztecs capital city, Tenochititan, was built over Texcoco Lake.

When did the Aztecs rise up and throw the Spanish out of their city?

in what year did the aztecs rise up and throw the spanish out of their city?

Is Tenochtitlan and the Aztecs the same thing?

Tenochtitlan and the Aztecs are not the exact same thing. Tenochtitlan was the capital city of the Aztec empire. The Aztecs built the city of Tenochtitlan in the location where Mexico City is currently located.

What is a statement that doesn't describe Teotihuacan?

"It was a city built by the Aztecs". It wasn't. It was founded by the Teotihuacan Civilization around 100 BC, but by the time it was discovered by the Aztecs (circa 1325 AD), it was already abandoned. Aztecs named it as Teotihuacan (i.e. "City of the gods") due to the impressive, gargantuan architectural style.

Why did the Aztecs convert into Christians?

The spanish that visited the aztecs with cortez invaded the aztecs and the spanish took over the aztecs after they invaded mexico city the aztecs became slaves for the spaniords

Where do the Aztecs live today?

the Aztecs lived somewhere near Mexico city

What ancient civilization had a city with a palace lots of homes and a zoo?

the answer is Aztecs

What was the name of the Aztecs city where the Aztecs setteld there impiar?

Tenochtitlan, a watery swamp.