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Why did the Black Death happen?

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this is complicated but i think this the right; It was an epidemic, or a series of epidemics, of Bubonic Plague that lasted for several decades in the 14th century and wiped out between one third and one half of the population of Europe. The plague was spread by the bites of fleas that were carried on rats.

Unsanitary living conditions contributed to its spread. People of that time did not know how the disease was spread or how to protect themselves from it.

Another reason the Black Death happened is because of the increased demand for trade between the Mediterranean. The increase in trade brought about an increase in ships traveling around the African continent which increased the inscription of sailors which increased the incidents of sailors abandoning their ships.

Along with the movement of products which carried the rats that carried the fleas, the sailors would get sick and abandon their ships or the captain would throw them overboard and then they would spread the decease.

Also the symptoms were red lesions surrounded by white bumps. Which created the kids song. "Ring around the rosie" Referring to the white ring around the red lesions "Pocket full of Posies" People thought that carrying herbs and/or flowers would help ward off the disease But that was not of any help; "Ashes, ashes" Ashes to ashes "We all fall down" Dead

i copied and pasted this btwIf you check, you will find that there can be no connection between the Black Death and this childrens' song.

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When did Black Death persecutions happen?

Black Death persecutions happened in 1349.

Did the black death happen in Africa?

the black death happend in the middle ages in rome

Did the Black Death ever Happen?

The Bubonic Plague (Black Death) did indeed happen, with the deaths of an estimated 75 to 200 million people.

When did the black death happen in London?

The black death happened in London along time ago. This goes into the historic.

Wher did the black death happen?

it spread worldwide

Where black death happen?

Italy and nearly everyone was buried at Black Heath, London

In what period of time did the Black Death happen?

The Black Death was an outbreak of the bubonic plague that spread through Europe in the period of 1347 to 1352.

What happen after Martin Luther Jr death?

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Did the black death happen in the middle ages?

Yes. The Black Death killed about 25 million people, one-third of Europe's population at the time.

What would happen to you if you catch the illness of black death?

Basically, you would die.

What happen to the bodys when the person died in the black death?

There were several different form of black death. The most notorious was bubonic plague. In this disease the body became black from bruising in the final stages.

When and where the did the black death happen?

The black death happened across Europe but mostly in Britain due to lack of hygiene. The outbreak was from the early 1540s until the late 1550s.

How did the bubonic plague happen?

black death was caused by Mongol. When they attacked Europe it came with them.

What would happen if everybody who got the black death died?

they would have died sadly

Is there a possibility that the black death can hit this generation?

The Disease that caused the black death is still active all over the world. Fortunately medical science has progressed to the point it is a minor and easily treated disease today. So no the Black Death could not happen today

What will happen to an American Black Bear if its food source disappeared?

It will starve to death and than it will die.

What year did the black death happen?

The black death peaked between 1347 through 1351 although it recurred at various times in Europe until the 19th century. It killed about 75million people.

What city did the black death happen in?

the black death happened not in one city but allover the world. it was the worst in Europe and Asia but was all so in southern northern America, south America and Africa.

Were the any other animals that caused the black death?

The fleas are the carriers of the disease, not the animal they happen to be riding on.

When was the black death first cured?

The Black Death was an outbreak of bubonic plague that lasted from about 1347 to 1352. The first cures of bubonic plague did not happen until effective antibiotics were developed in the 20th century.

What kind of rat spread the black death disease?

black death was spread by black rats. They were hosts of black death.

Did the black death have to happen?

No, it didn't have to happen. First the rats had it, then when the rats died, fleas didn't have anything else to eat/live on, so they went to people

Was black death also known as cholera?

No, Black Death and cholera are different. Black Death is Plague.

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According to thabtopsis what will happen after death

What had a high death toll the spanish flu or the black death?

the black death