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Why did the British establish colonies in Africa?


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The oldest reason in the world: land equals power. I guess you are right but colonizations was mainly due to greed.When gold or diamonds was discovered imperial powers was already half way there.South Africa is a good example,2 x wars were fought over gold in South Africa.Lesser causes were strategic importance (shipping),procurement of labor(slaves),produce ect.


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They established colonies in the Caribbean islands, Canada, and the thirteen colonies

West Africa was very close to the oceanic route to India.

The British had colonies in North America, Africa, Australia, South America, and Asia.

The motive for the French to establish colonies in Southeast Asia was that the French wanted to match the expansion of the British Empire.

The United States and the Russian Empire.

French West Africa and British West Africa.

Colonies are potentially a source of wealth and power for the colonizing nation.

Anglo-Egyptian Sudan Gold Coast British Somaliland British Nigeria Sierra Leone South Africa Uganda Protectorate Kenya Colony Nyasaland North Rhodesia Gambia Bechuana Protectorate Lesotho Swaziland Southern Rhodesia Please note: The UK controlled other colonies that they took over from other nations, as well. These are just the colonies that the UK founded themselves.

Egypt being the Most northern British colony in Africa and South Africa being the most Southern colony in Africa.

Which four countries? Here, I'll give you a list of countries that did establish colonies in Africa, and you can figure out which four didn't or whatever.BelgiumBritainDenmarkFranceGermanyNetherlandsItalySpainPortugal

The first European colonies in Africa were founded in the 1400's, but even in 1820 most of Africa wasn't colonized. Empires rapidly expanded into Africa in the 1870's-1880's.

Egypt (it was actually a protectorate, but it was the northernmost British African possession).

"Africa" wasn't a British Colony. Parts of Africa were British colonies. The first part of Africa to come under English rule was English Tangier (modern-day Morocco) in 1661.

Northernmost: EgyptSouthernmost: South AfricaANS 2 - Egypt was never a British colony.

The British and Dutch Empires.

South Africa was divided into the British and Dutch colonies

There were a few British Colonies and protectorates on the West coast of Africa. Here's a list: South-West Africa The Gambia Sierra Leone Nigeria British Togoland British Cameroons Gold Coast

The first British possessions in Africa were the Gambia and the Gold Coast, which were founded by the British 1610's. The last British colony became independent (Zimbabwe) in 1980.

Both are ex-European colonies. Both started as partly Dutch colonies, and then British colonies. (The USA would be the 13 original colonies, and South Africa would be the Western Cape.)

Parts of South Africa were colonies from 1652 to 1910 (first controlled by the Dutch, then the British). South Africa was a British Dominion from 1910 to 1931.

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