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The Suez Canal was viewed as the "Lifeline of the Empire" because it allowed Britain quicker access to its colonies in Asia and Africa.

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Q: Why did the British view the Suez Canal as the lifeline of their empire?
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What is the British lifeline to India?

The Suez Canal.

In the late nineteenth century the british commonly referred to the suez canal in egypt as lifeline of the empire because it?

provided a strategic shipping route to British colonies.

Why In the late nineteenth century the British commonly referred to the Suez Canal in Egypt as the Lifeline of the Empire?

By travelling through the Suez Canal, shipping no longer had to transverse the whole of the continent of Africa- shortening the journey to India and the Far East by several days.

Why was Egypt an important country to the british empire?

because they had Suez Canal

The role technology played in the construction of the Suez canal and empire building?

The Suez Canal connects the Mediterranean Sea and the Gulf of Suez. This typically would have been dug by hand, but the canal utilized new steam technology and dredging systems to create the canal. When Egypt took over the Suez Canal Company, it marked the end of the British Empire's control on the area.

The British life line was?

Suez canal

Who finished the Suez canal?

The British actually finished the Suez Canal, even though the French started building it.

When did the British empire come to an end?

That's kind of a subjective question, but in my mind it was in 1956 when Egypt took the Suez Canal away from the British. When India threw the British out.

What canal was built after the roman empire split?

Most canals were built after the Roman Empire split, for example the Suez Canal, the Panama Canal, and the Erie Canal.

To avoid bankrupt the Suez canal was sold to.?

The British

What did Sudan give to the British empire?

Sudan was part of the main shipping route to the East. Britain needed to control the Suez Canal.

German empire build in the isiamic region?

Suez Canal

What is the famous canal in Egypt called?

Suez Canal...The Suez Canal

What did the British empire get out of Egypt being part of the British empire?

The Suez Canal, which linked the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea, meaning that British ships did not have to sail around Africa to reach India, a hugely important route for British (and French trading).

Who invented the Suez canal?

The British helped the Egyptians build it.

What did the the new German empire build in the Islamic religion?

The Suez Canal .

Why is control of the Suez Canal so important?

The Suez Canal has a strategic location. It linked the British & the French to their colonies & reduced the time to export goods.

What is an explanation of the Suez Crisis?

The British and French challenging of Egyptian President Nasser's nationalization of the Suez Canal

Who paid for the Suez canal to be constrcted?

Built by the French, Bankrolled by the British

Why were the British interested in controlling the Suez Canal and Singapore in the 19th century?

Suez canal because it made an easier route to Asia and Africa so Britain can trade with them

Who control the suez canal?

The canal is owned and maintained by the Suez Canal Authority

How does the Suez canal work?

the Suez canal is very intriquit.

In what country is the Suez Canal located?

The Suez Canal is in Egypt.

Is the Suez canal a series of lochs?

No locks on the Suez Canal

When was Suez Canal created?

Suez Canal was created in 1869.