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Overhunting and the loss of natural habitat due to land development by humans.

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When did grizzly bears become extinct?

Grizzly bears are currently not extinct and there are many grizzly bears that are living.

Are grizzly bears extinct?

No, but they are endangered.In California yes.

What year was grizzly bears extinct?

Grizzly Bears are not extinct.

Are California grizzly bears extinct?

Yes, last one was shot in 1922.

Are grizzly bears extinct from California?

No we still have some. The population is less, but they are around.

What do you think might happen to a community of organisms if grizzly bears suddenly become extinct?

What do you think might happen to acommunity if grizzy bears suddenly become extinct

The grizzly and kodiak bears are actually subspecies of what bear along with the extinct Hokkaido and California golden bears?

Brown bear

What happens if grizzly bears become extinct?

There would be no more grizzly bears which may tamper with the ecosystem because now there will be an over population of fish and other things they bears used to eat.

What year were grizzly bears extinct?

they still are alive

How many wild grizzly bears are left in California?

Grizzly bears formerly inhabited much of California, the reason the creature is on the state flag. Because of hunting and habitat loss, there are no grizzly bears left in California.

Are bears extinct?

No not all bears are extinct. Some bears such as the grizzly bear are on the endangered species list. Other bears such as the American black bear are not endangered.

How did Grizzly bears go extinct?

They have not gone extinct. They may not be where they use to be but they are still around.

Are the grizzly bears extinct?

no there are 55,oo left in the wild

What are the extinct animals in the taiga?

Lynx,Wolves,Grizzly Bears

How can you protect grizzly bears from becoming extinct?

by protecting their habitat....

How many grizzly bears live in california?

None. Brown bears (grizzly is now a subspecies of brown bear) went extinct in California in the mid-late 1800s (I'd have to look up the date). It's still on the state flag though. There are still many black bears in the state however.

Are there grizzly bears in California?

No. The last grizzly was shot and killed in 1922. There are only black bears in this state.

How did bears become extinct?

They are not extinct.

Are grizzly bears going extinct?

Not completley extinct, but some people are trying to help them in the wild.

Are there grizzly bears in Saskatchewan?

The plains grizzly bear is extinct in southern Saskatchewan. Grizzly bears are occasionally being found in northern Saskatchewan.Biologists believe that the Grizzly bears have wandered in from northern Alberta and the Northwest Territories and Nunavut Territory.

How would the balance of nature be if grizzly bears were extinct?

ask yourself

How many Mexican grizzly bears are there?

There have been no documented grizzlies in Mexico for many years, so while they have black bears, the grizzly might be extinct.

How long has grizzly bears been extinct?

They have never been extinct. They may be endangerd due to poaching.

What would happen to a community if grizzly bears were extinct?

What will happen if the grizzly bear went extinct then the entire niche would go unbalanced and corrupt many more.

What type of bears live in Yosemite?

Only the American black bear lives in California. The grizzly has been extinct in that state for a number of years.