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they came yo sell thing in the caribbean


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In the 1800s, Chinese migrated to the Caribbean-bordered areas, including the Caribbean islands.

The Chinese, Filipinos, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese and the Indians.

why did the africans came to the caribbean

the Chinese brought to the Caribbean to work on the sugar cane plantation

They came to the CARIBBEAN for adventurous reasonS

what year did amerindians came to the caribbean

why did the spaniard came to the caribbean

There have been many immigrants who came to America from the Caribbean over the years. There have been over 3.5 million immigrants who came from the Caribbean.

The Chinese came from the Yangzte and Yellow River.

chinese came to open buisnesses

they came to the caribnean because of slavery and Caribbean is a small islandThe africans came to the caribbean to do slave work.Infact they were forced to do slavery for the EUROPEANS.

how did Christianity came to jamaica and the caribbean and what are the contribution of christinity to the caribbean

The Spanish came first to the Caribbean

The Chinese came to Guyana as indentured laborers.

the amerindians or indigenous people of the Caribbean came to Caribbean in search of food.

who was the second ethnic group that came to the caribbean

the spanish Actually the Arawaks were they the first people to come to the caribbean . Then came the caribs , but more waves of these people entered the caribbean and then the spanish came

the chinese came by ships. so yal hear now!

It is so simple! Chinese came to India because they wanted to.

No. His mother is both Afro- Caribbean and Chinese Jamaican descent.

Christopher Columbus came from Spain to the Caribbean bringing Christianity with him.

Africans came to the Caribbean because of slavery and the caribbean is a small island.

they came as indenture servant

They initially came as slaves but many came as free people

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