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The paper was inveted by the Chinese so that they could write smoothly

It probably invented paper to record thing they traded, what they produced, and other thing.

Before they had used paper for writing they actually used it for clothing such a jackets and shoes and other things

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Q: Why did the Chinese make paper?
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Why Chinese used paper?

Well Chinese People used it to make clothing and to write on

How do you make a paper Chinese star?

Check out the tutorial below.

Who taught the abbasids to make paper?

The Chinese....and dats all!

Why did the Chinese make paper money?

because coins and gold were to heavy

Who invented Chinese paper money?

the chinese invented paper money

Art and craft in Chinese civilization?

The Chinese used porcelain to make beautiful pots. The knew the art of sericulture and they knew to print and make paper.

Did china make paper in the old timey days or do they just now?

The chinese invented paper money i swear

How did the Chinese make paper out of rags?

The Chinese made paper out of rags by chopping them finely, putting them in water and mashing it flat. They would then press out the water and let it dry in the sun.

Who were the first people to make paper money?

from the text book they say the chinese.

When did the Chinese make paper?

It is commonly believed that the Chinese invented paper in the 2nd century C.E. (A.D.)

When did the Chinese start using paper money?

the Chinese started using paper in the 9th century

What did the ancient Chinese invent?

The Ancient Chinese invented the abacus, silk weaving, wood pulp to make paper, the plow, the wheelbarow and compass

How the Chinese made the first paper?

i think they make it just like Americans do

Did monks invent paper?

The Chinese invented paper.

How do you say paper in the Chinese language?

纸 - Paper

Did the Chinese make the first paper?

Yes, paper was invented by the Cai Lun sometime around the year 105 CE during the Han Dynasty.

Did the Romans invent paper?

No the Romans did not invent paper the Chinese invented paper.

How did the Chinese use their inventions?

he Ancient Chinese were famous for their inventions and technology. ... Paper - Paper was invented by the Chinese as well as many interesting uses for paper like paper money and playing cards. The first paper was invented in the 2nd century BC and the manufacture later perfected around 105 AD.

Who created Ancient Chinese paper fans?

Chinese people

What did the Chinese make which was originally used for windows?

One of China 's greatest contributions to the world was the invention of paper. During the Han Dynasty (around 200 B.C.), the Chinese used plant materials and silk rags to make paper. They made durable, long-lasting paper by 105 A.D. This paper became the common form of writing materials for records and books. The Chinese also used paper for creating landscape and figure paintings, windows, lanterns, umbrellas, and fans.

Who invened paper?

the Chinese

Who invite paper?

the chinese

Who was the Egyptian that invented paper?

Egyptians did not invent paper it was the Chinese in 105 AD by a Chinese man named Cai Lun.

What was Chinese used paper?

ancient Chinese used paper for armor, umbrellas, windows, letters, toys, and raincoats. ancient Chinese used paper for armor, umbrellas, windows, letters, toys, and raincoats.

Did the Chinese invent paper?

Yes. The Chinese were far ahead in technology.