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it was to do with the fact that king Henry VIII wanted to divorce wife catherine of aragon but the catholic church wouldn't allow it so he created the church of England, and from then on you could be catholic or protestant

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What two Christian churches develop after the split or schism of the Christian church in1054?

The Eastern Orthodox Church and Roman Catholic Church

What two parts did the Christian Church split into in 1054?

The Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church.

What two main religions emerged out of the split in the christian church?

The two religions are the two predominant religions today: Catholicism and Protestantism.

What was it called when the Christian church split?

The Protestant Reformation.

Who was the person who made the christian church split?

Martin Luther, although he didn't intend for the church to split. He was trying to bring to light problems that were within the church hoping that the Catholic leaders would just fix these, but instead it caused the church to split into two separate parts, Catholicism, and Protestantism.

When did the Christian church split?

The East West Schism happened in 1054, and the Catholic Church, which was by far the largest Christian Church, broke into the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Did the Orthodox church split from the Catholic church?

Catholics will say that the Orthodox church split from the Catholic Church. Orthodox will say that the Catholic Church split from the Orthodox church. But yes, the two churches did split from one another.

When did the christian church spilt in two?

I assume you mean the official split into Eastern Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism, which happened in 1054.

Which was a result of the excommunications in the year 1054?

They formally split the Christian Church apart They created two completely separate churches.

What were two religions that split from the Catholic Church during the Reformation?

Lutherans and the Church of England split from the Catholic Church.

When was the christian church split?

11th century It was the Great Schism (pronounced skism)

When did the Christian Church split into two different denominations?

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When did the eastern orthodox church begin?

The Christian Church split into two separate churches in 1504, because of friction between the pope in Rome and the patriarch in Constantinople. The church in the West became the Roman Catholic Church, and the church in the East became the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Which event led to the formal split of the Christian Church?

Throughout its history the Christian church has undergone two major splits:The first occurred in 1054 AD, in what is commonly called "The Great Schism" in which the church was split into the Eastern Orthodox and Western branches. The split came to be as a result of deteriorating relations, and theological disagreements between the Pope of Rome, and the Patriarch of Constantinople.The second split began in 1517 AD, but was not officially recognized until 1648. This split of the Catholic church occurred when Martin Luther posted his infamous "Ninety-five Theses" and Christians across Europe defected from the Catholic church, forming the Protestant branch of Christianity.

What two Christian churches formed as a result of disputes over the power of the pope?

The Catholic Church and the Orthodox Churches split during the schism in 1054.

Why did the christian church split in the 1000s?

because they all liked to Eat Carls J.R. (;

Which was a result of the ex communications in the year 1054?

they formally split the Christian church apart

What was the result of the iconoclastic controversy?

Short answer: it was one of the causes of the split between the western and eastern Christian churches. The result of the split (schism) is the Catholic church (western) and Orthodox church (eastern).

Are Roman Catholics the first Christians?

Yes, Catholicism is the first Christian religion. All other religions that call themselves Christian have split from the Catholic Church over the years or split from other denominations of Christianity that had split from Catholicism.

What was the religion of medieval Constantinople?

Christian--Constantinople split with the Roman Catholic church in 1054 and became the center of the Eastern Orthodox Church.

What made the christian church split?

An ever growing intolerance to the churches views on usury and masterbation.

First split between east and west christian church?

The first split between the Christian church in the East and the Christian church in the West probably took place during the time of the Byzantine Empire. Some of the issues that caused this split were that the Eastern emperor viewed himself as head of the church as well as ruler of state, and the Pope in the West viewed HIMSELF as head of the church, and a varying opinion over idols. The Westerners had no problem worshipping/praying to idols, because many of them couldn't read, but the Easterners felt that it was wrong to worship an image. Thus, the church split into the Roman Catholics and the Greek Orthodox.

Is Catholic church the oldest Christian Church?

Roman Catholic AnswerYes, of course, and, saving the separated Churches in the East, the only Christian Church. It was founded by Our Blessed Lord, Himself, and was one until the split with the Orthodox in the 11th century.

When the Christian split in 1054 what was the name of the new Christian Church that developed?

The Churches that came out of the Great Schism of 1054 both claimed to be the original Christian Church. One was the Roman Catholic Church and the other was the Orthodox Church, although this is a more general term for a group of Churches with more than one Patriarch.

What do catholis do?

Catholics, Are Christians, The catholic Church is the oldest Christian church all other christian churches split from the catholic church.. They do the same thing all other Christians do. If you want a long answer, either look it up or ask, a catholic