Why did the Donner party find the need to eat each other?

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The short answer is that they found the need to eat to survive. They were starving to death.

Having left too late in the season to travel west, and having encountered blizzards as they attempted to cross the Sierra Nevada mountains, they became trapped in Fremont Pass (no called Donner Pass). As their food supply dwindled, and their last remaining oxen and horse died and were consumed, no food remained, so the surviving party members began to consume parts of those who had died earlier due to sickness and injury.

There were actually numerous reports of parties who resorted to cannibalism as they crossed the oceans and continents. The story of the Donner party remains one of the most well known due to early books that were written, and the sad comedy of errors that led up to the horror the members of the Donner party experienced.
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What day did the donner party leave?

The Donners and Reeds left Springfield, Illinois, on April 14, 1846. They left Independence, Missouri, on May 12, 1846. However, the Donner Party didn't actually exist until July 19, 1846, when George Donner was elected captain of a newly-formed wagon train.

Who was banished from the donner party?

one person who was banished from the Donner party was James Reed because he stabbed and killed a man in his wagon train because was abusing his oxen.

What is the Donner party?

The Donner Party was a group of pioneers that became snowbound in the Sierra Nevada (a mountain range in eastern California) during the winter of 1846-1847. Eighty-one settlers from Illinois and adjoining states, led by George Donner, reached the mountains in October 1846 but were unable to cross be ( Full Answer )

Do boas eat each other?

Not normally. Their natural prey is small rodents. However - if two snakes are fed together at the same time, it is possible for two snakes to strike at the same food item from opposite ends - possibly resulting in one snake devouring the other !

What happened to the donner party?

The Donner party left the other group of travelers and used hasting cutoff little did they know that the guide only used this path once. When the Donner party got close the the Sierra Nevada's they got suck in a snow storm some of the people in the Donner party had to leave there wagons behind or ge ( Full Answer )

Are there any 'Donner Party' photos?

There are a number of photographs of Donner Party members. Eleanor Eddy's and Sarah Keyes' photos were taken before they left for California. There is also a painting of Charles Stanton. There are also many photos of Donner Party members taken at different times after the disaster, some as early as ( Full Answer )

Why did the Donner Party end in disaster?

They tried to take a shorter route to California but instead it took longer and was more difficult and that was their downfall. As Virginia Reed who survived advised - "Don't take no shortcuts and hurry along as fast as you can."

Why is the Donner party so important?

The Donnor Party happened during a very important part of American History. It was the journey west to expand the countries boundries, and explore new land. The Donnor Party was doing something that has been an obsession of human kind as long as we have existed. We want to discover and explore as fa ( Full Answer )

Who participated in the Donner party?

The Donner Party consisted of 87 members who left Missouri on 12 May of 1846 bound for California who were trapped by snowfall in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Noteworthy members of the Donner Party included George (aged 62) and Tamsen (aged 42) Donner and their five daughters, Jacob Donner, (the old ( Full Answer )

Where was the donner party going?

to the gold rush because it was 1847 the year of the gold rush and they were going to california it says in the book read it find the answer like me a smart history loveing 8 year old

Why do you remember the Donner Party?

We remember the Donner Party because they made some not so wise decisions on which way to travel. The Donner partys' travels helped other people looking to travel west choose smart routes. We also remember the Donner party because of the cannibalism that went on between them. Though sometimes the ca ( Full Answer )

What did the donner party do to survive?

They built shelters to live in and slaughtered their animals for food. At the very end of their ordeal, some of them ate human flesh to stay alive.

Who were the Donner Party members?

George, 60, brought his third wife, Tamsen, 45, their three children, Frances, 6, Georgia, 4 and Eliza, 3, and George's two daughters from a previous marriage, Elitha Cumi, 14, and Leanna, 12. Jacob Donner, 56, and his wife Elizabeth, 45, brought their five children, George, 9, Mary, 7, Isaac, 5, ( Full Answer )

Where did the Donner party start?

Three families, George Donner's, Jacob Donner's, and James Reed's, left Springfield, Illinois, on April 14, 1846. On May 19 they joined a large wagon train in Kansas. This train was led by William Russell. It broke up into smaller parties. The Donner Party didn't actually exist until July 19, 1846, ( Full Answer )

What day did the Donner party end?

June 1847 is the day that it ended.The month and the year is known ,but the date in the month is unknown.I had checked it in websites but it didn't say what date it ended.

What did the donner party eat?

In times of desperation, the Donner party resorted to cannibalism to ensure life until they could continue to California.

What is the donner party about?

The Donner Party is the name of a wagon train that set out for California in the spring of 1846. They experienced many difficulties along the way and were belated. When they reached the Sierra Nevada, they were trapped by an early snowfall and had to spend the winter in the Rocky Mountains. They ran ( Full Answer )

Who was responsible for the Donner Party?

Lansford W. Hastings recommended a shortcut to California. The Donner Party took it and ran into many difficulties that made them too late to cross the mountains before winter.

How did the Donner Party occur?

Welllllll - They basically were heading west to strike it rich in California. THEN, they decided to take a shortcut (known as "Hastings Cutoff"). What they didn't realize is that heavy snow would make this route to California impossible to pass. They slowly pushed on and ultimately were able to send ( Full Answer )

What went wrong at the donner party?

They reached the Sierra Nevada mountains of California a day too late and were stuck in the snow for the winter.

Why did the donner party become stranded?

The Donner Party became stranded because they took off too late from Independence, MO. The timing was very important because if they left too early, there woulnd't be grass for the horse/mule/oxen to eat along the way. If they left too late, there would be too much snow on the Rocky Mountains. The D ( Full Answer )

Why did the donner party happen?

The Donner party wanted to make a big fortune in California which was prosperous back then; it also encouraged by a route that was 350-400 mile shorter, but this route was not tested.

Did the Donner Party have a war?

No. The popular incident, which is no (party) in the normal festive sense of that term was an outbreak of Cannibalism caused by, obviously, a food shortage. I do not know how the ecclesiastical authorities dealt with this as a moral issue- do not confuse with the Andes air crash survivors who also t ( Full Answer )

Where did the donner party travel?

They were enroute to California when they were trapped for the winter in the mountains between CA and Nevada. They had left the east coast too late in the season to escape the winter snows.

What is the historical significance of the Donner Party?

The Donnor Party happened during a very important part of American History. It was the journey west to expand the countries boundries, and explore new land. The Donnor Party was doing something that has been an obsession of human kind as long as we have existed. We want to discover and explore as fa ( Full Answer )

What was the snowshoe expedition of the donner party?

It was an expedition within an expedition (sometimes referred to as an inception) that involved a number of the group trying to find help by snow-shoeing west into California. The party was massively split and faced death, and only around 7 of the 15-20 members reached California for help.

The donner party tried to survive by?

Well, you have the obvious answer - eating the deceased members of their party to survive. Other attempts to survive included sending a group out to try to snow-shoe to find help in the Sacramento Valley / Sutter's Fort.

Where and when did the donner party take place?

When: May 1846 to February 1847. Where: the party left Missouri and headed west through Wyoming, Utah. The main "conflict" occurred in western Nevada and California.

What was a mistake the Donner party made?

The Donner party took a shortcut across Utah that its promoter said would save them 300 miles. Instead, it added 100 miles to their trip.

What mistake the donner party made?

The Donner Party took off from Independence, MO too late. Back then, you didn't have any good transpertation system like we do now. So they had to rely on wagons. They couldn't take off too early because the grass was needed the horse/mule/oxen to eat. They couldn't take off too late because they wo ( Full Answer )

What mountains did the donner party have to cross?

There was only one major mountain range that the Donner Party had to cross through. The Rocky Mountain. The Rockys caused a lot of trouble for the people going out to west. The Donner Party took off late from Independence, MO, so the Donner Party got stuck in the Rockys. That's what caused the Donne ( Full Answer )

Why did the Donner party stop at Donner lake?

The Donner Party stopped at Donner lake, first because they were totiered to summet the pass tha day and they stopped. That night itsnowed so deeply that the could not get over the pass anyway.

Did the donner party eat dog?

Yes. First they ate their oxen, then when the meat ran out, they killed and ate their dogs.

Why did the donner party resort to canibalism?

When the Donner Party was trapped at the beginning of November 1846, they had very little food. They slaughtered their cattle and put the meat in the snow to preserve it. Some of the emigrants had more than the others. When the meat was gone, they ate boiled oxhide and bones. They also ate their dog ( Full Answer )

Did the Donner party stay at donner springs Reno Nevada?

Allegedly the Donner Party set up a camp of about 2 miles for around 5 days at the base of Rattlesnake Mountain. Donner Springs Neighborhood is at the base of this mountain. The party rested in this camp prior to continuing their journey to California through the Sierra Nevada Mountains, where they ( Full Answer )

Why did the donner party eat each other?

The Donner Party ran out of food and were trapped by a winterstorm. Cannibalism was unheard of in civilized societies, so thiswas met with horror! The survivors weren't exactly welcomedneighbors.

What disasters did the donner party face?

The big one was Cannibalism! the party was isolated by bad weather ( Snow storms) was running out of supplies, and things took a turn for the worse.

Did people eat each other during The Donner Party?

Yes! Unfortunately, the desperate situation these pioneers found themselves in forced them to either, as gross as it may be, eat each other (the already deceased members) or die in the wilderness.

What religion is the Donner Party?

It is not a religion, though certainly Cannibalism has theological overtones. I do not know how the padres ruled in this respect. Thanks largely to supermarkets, it could not happen today with some exceptions for such things as the Andes plane crash survivors, the subject of the book (Alive)

What did the donner party have to do to live?

Well one of the them had to leave her two children (one 4 years old and the other one 8 years old) to go over the Rocky Mountains. The children did survive but they did suffer enough for a children that young and little. Also, according to some historians, the Donner party had to eat the dead people ( Full Answer )

Was it the donner party fault?

Its a matter of opinion. There are many people who believe that itwas Hastings fault, and others believe that it was the DonnerParty's fault. There is also many evidence that suppourts bothsides.

Where can one find details of the Donner Party?

You can find details about the Donner Party on the Wikipedia page devoted to it. You can also receive an introductory lesson about the Donner Party provided on the PBS website.