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Why did the Dutch come to America in 1636?

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The primary purpose of anyone coming to America was to make money and find a better living then they had in Europe.

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Q: Why did the Dutch come to America in 1636?
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What year did the dutch come to America?

the dutch arrived in America in 1609.

How old is Brooklyn?

Brooklyn was first settled by the Dutch in 1636.

Was Rhode Island a Dutch colony?

Rhode Island was not a Dutch colony. It was founded by Roger Williams in 1636 and settled by the English.

When did the Dutch come to America?

cause they wanted a better life. and to get married and for trade.

Why did dutch settlers come to north america?

Because they wanted a better life

Why did the dutch come to north America?

To make money and to have better land to live in than Europe.

What group of settlers brought bowling to America?

dutch dutch dutch

When did the french come over to America?

The French came over to America in the year of 1663. They came to America because of colonialism, which is the same reason the Spanish, Dutch, and British came to America.

Who came to America first the pilgrims or the dutch?

The Dutch.

Why was Harvard established in 1636?

The new colonies of America were lacking a place of higher education. In 1636, it was voted on that a new college would be established and named after John Harvard.

What is 'Come in' in Dutch?

Kom in is a Dutch equivalent of 'Come in'.

Why did the Dutch want to have a colony in America?

The Dutch wanted to have a colony n America because of the vast minerals and raw materials in America.

Where did the Dutch come from?

The dutch came from Europe

What Country does the Dutch Baby come from?


Are The French and The Dutch The Same Thing?

No. French come from France and the Dutch come from Holland.

Who sponsored the Dutch settlements in America?

Dutch West Indie Company

In 1636 the Massachusetts General Court appropriated funds for the first college in North America?


Where did Taylor Lautner come from?

He was born in Grand Rapids Michigan in America but his origins are French, Dutch, German, Ottowa and Potawatomi

Who is a famous person from Connecticut colony?

Thomas Hooker- Founder Hartford in 1636Adriaen Block- dutch explorer claimed the CT river in 1614

Do the Dutch come from Germany?

No. Dutch are from The Netherlands. Germans are from Germany.

What language does Afrikaans come from?

Afrikaans comes from Dutch.

What did the Dutch bring to America?


Is Maroon 5 Dutch?

No, they are from America

Where do dutch pepole come from?

they come from holland

Who founded the first college in America?

The legislature of the Massachusetts Bay Colony established Harvard College in 1636.