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Why did the English come to Jamestown?

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Wanted Economics and expand the trade of English trades!

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Why did the English leave there home to come to Jamestown colony?

it is because of the religious persicution and they thought that there chideren were loosing there english tradition

Who grew cash crops in Jamestown?

The English founded Jamestown. The English settlers grew the cash crops in Jamestown.

What country were the Jamestown from?

Jamestown was from the English colony

Where was Jamestown and what was the significance of it?

Jamestown was the first settlement in English culture

What country ruled Jamestown?

Jamestown was the first English colony.

Who settled the Jamestown Colony?

Jamestown was settled by English settlers

What kind of people lived in Jamestown?

English people lived in Jamestown but they were not pilgrims that lived in Jamestown

What type of venture was Jamestown?

to english jamestown was primarily what type of venture

What found Jamestown?

Jamestown was the first permanent English settlement in North America founded by the English on May 14th, 1607.

Why did the first English colony at Jamestown experience hardships in its decade?

why did the english colony, in jamestown, experience hardship in its first decade

Was the leader of the English colonists in Jamestown?

John Smith was the leader of the Jamestown settlers

Which was the first english colony?


Who settled in Jamestown?

The English settled there

What was the second English settlement?


Who was in the settlement of Jamestown?

English settlers

Was Jamestown Spanish?

no,it was a English colony.

Who founded the city of Jamestown?

The English

What year did the English settle Jamestown?

The English settled in Jamestown in the year 1607. In the beginning, there were only 104 males to live in the town.

What is the definition of Jamestown?

Jamestown was the first permanent English settlement or colony in North America.

Why was Jamestown built?

Jamestown was built as the first settlement in the New World for English immigrants.

What region did the Varginians come from?

The correct spelling is Virginians and not Varginians. The settlers of Virginia came from Europe and the first English settlement was Jamestown.

Why do people visit Jamestown today?

Jamestown is known as the first permanent English settlement in America.

What was the first permanent English settlement in the Americas?

jamestown, Pa i think Jamestown was in Virginia, not Pennsylvania

What first permanent English settlement was made at Jamestown?

You have answered your own question in the question. It was Jamestown.

How did Pocahontas save Jamestown?

Pocahontas helped English settlers in Jamestown that's how she got famous